Vampire Vibes


Here it is guys, my new favorite piece in my entire wardrobe. I guess I would describe this long black thing as a long version of a blazer, but with more movement because it's made of a linen-like material. I have been searching for a piece like this for months, and I thought most stores has sold out of them, but then I scored at Monki! Like I shop anywhere else? It makes me feel pretty a vampire villain or something, as weird as that sounds! I love that it adds some structure to a look, which is always a crucial element to any outfit for me. The lapel + details are a little hard to see in this all-black ensemble, but you will see this jacket in many future posts + style videos! 


I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys for all of your support yesterday when I announced my new business, Studio Skate! I have been running on adrenaline since launching the website and this is just a super exciting time for me. Looking forward to coming home and start working on skateboards is just what I needed to help cope with leaving pun intended! I hope you guys are as stoked as I am!! x, Paige

Leather jacket // H&M [similar]

Linen blazer // Monki [similar]

Graphic tank // Goodwill [similar]

Black jeans // Monki [similar]

Boots // Doc Martens

Beanie // Target [similar]

Ring // Flea market [similar]

Lipstick // MAC Viva Glam


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Photos by Elsa Brown

Fancy in Flannel


I guess the title of this blog post isn't too accurate considering how many holes are in my tights...oops. I thought the rips would add the perfect touch of edginess, but I think this pair is a bit overboard and are headed for the trash bin. Anyways, I had a day of school ahead of me as well as plans to get beers with my friends before our architecture department end-of-the-year party. I wanted an outfit that was a bit more dressed up, but still casual cool. So I opted to tone down my fav night out dress with an oversized flannel + a beanie! Also great for the [unfortunate] rainy weather we've been having.


Like I said, we had our architecture party to celebrate the final deadline of the year. It felt so weird to stand around with my friends and think about what it was like to come to Copenhagen 9 months ago, and now we will be leaving in less than two weeks. It's crazy to think that we are done with 4 years of school, and just have our thesis year left to go. I am so grateful to have studied abroad and for how I've sappy as it sounds. I think it was such a fun time for all of us, and we're ready to take on our last year, and kill it! x, Paige

Velvet dress // Retrofit Vintage [similar]

Flannel // Monki [similar]

Harness boots // DinSko Sweden [similar]

Leopard purse // Florence leather market [similar]

Beanie // Target [similar]

Spike necklace // Forever 21 [similar]


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Photos by Elsa Brown

Cotton Candy Cyclist


You know when Katy Perry released that album and it smelled like cotton candy? This outfit reminds me of the day I got that record. So, maybe this windbreaker doesn't smell sugary and delicious, but it makes me super happy! I picked it up from a fashion market when I first moved to Copenhagen, and somehow never found a chance to wear it, but yesterday was the perfect warm slash windy combo in the city so I knew I had to whip it out. This piece probably has the most Danish silhouette out of anything in my wardrobe, and I think that combined with the print is just so fun!


I also want to mention that I think this is a statement jacket that some people would shy away from, and this is a little reminder that when it comes to personal style, to just go for it! I remember when I purchased this, I asked the woman if I would stand out in the city when I wore it. She reassured me and said "Anything goes in Copenhagen" and that was such good advice. Yes, 99% of the population here may wear strictly black + neutrals, but everyone can appreciate a fun piece like this one. As one of my friends would say, You do you boo! x, Paige

Windbreaker // Monki [similar

White tee // H&M [similar]

Jeans // Monki

Boots // Zara [similar]

Beanie // Carhartt 

Noveau Punk

IMG_8840 When I first saw this Zara shirt, I had to have it. I love that is says "noveau punk" because it is of course part of my blog name, but I also think it speaks about my personal style. Back when punk rock was founded, it was all about the mohawk, Doc Martens, and being completely covered in spikes head to toe. These days, I like to think I take the punk influence and incorporate it into my wardrobe in a subtle, noveau way. But you'll never catch me without a stud or spike somewhere in my outfit!







On this day in Copenhagen I chose to incorporate some of my favorite aspects of punk style [leather, flannel, + harness details] into a modern city outfit. While it is a quite polished look, I think that the oversized flannel is the perfect grungy touch to keep the edgy vibe going strong. x. Paige

flannel // Monki graphic tee // Zara heeled boots // DinSko, Sweden bag // Gypsy Warrior bird ring // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen