The Week in Squares

I stated on here before that I wasn't a fan of Instagram-recap blog posts, but the first one I posted was pretty well received, so I thought I would try it again! I also didn't want to leave you guys hanging too too long while I am away traveling. If you already follow me on Instagram, I will try to elaborate a little more about each square photo so you get some new deets as well! insta recap 1

Clockwise from top left

// My friends took me to this amazing thrift store, Episode, one block over from our school on Friday and holy-mother-of-vintage was it glorious. A little over-priced, granted, but fun for browsing and future purchases.

// I've found a coffee shop near school called Cafe Paludan that reminds me of my favorite one back in California. It also has a sense of coziness that I love, which reminded me of the Danish phrase "hygge". It's a little long to describe, so click the italics if you want to learn more!

// The harness boots I picked up in Sweden, more on those in this style post!

// In August we celebrated the 1 year birthday of this blog, and I recapped the year with my favorite posts. Thank you to all the readers + followers of Punkrockparti!!

insta recap 2

// Quick Monday #OOTD, wearing an H&M top from the Fashion Hunters Flea Market in Copenhagen, and a geometric necklace from Macy's.

// While biking to Cafe Paludan, I rode past the plaza known as Frue Plads, where there was an orange balloon release! I'm not sure what the reason was, but it was a picture perfect moment.

// On a day with no class, my friend Elsa and I biked to check out Tietgen Kollegiet which is student housing. We ended up getting caught in the rain, but afterwards the sun came out and it was beautiful!

// A shot from the day I spent in Malmö with Elsa and Sheila. It was a fun little excursion and one of the best parts was stopping in the design stores and comparing the Danish and Swedish aesthetics.

Thanks for reading, + hope you enjoyed! What are you instagramming lately? x. Paige

p.s. Will be back from my trip tomorrow and have so much to share! Can't wait, see you then!


IMG_6517 IMG_6659



Exploring the impeccable design store MUNK // A sunset walk home, appreciating Denmark's efficient street lights // A bike spotted on a lake trail in Christiania // Jumping off of Bjarke Ingels Group's Harbour Bath! Super exhilarating, fun, and cold.





Building facade in the famous Newhavn // A display for art becomes an architectural element inside the Black Diamond Library // A pop-up booth in Nørrebro. I am still unsure of what the purpose of it was. I have a love for neon plexi, which I touched upon yesterday. // Another from our walk by the lake in Christiania, which was so relaxing.

Life lately has been about traveling and exploring, while fitting in school work on the side. I kid...kinda. I am enjoying having more free time this semester compared to the usual rigor of my school work to get to know Copenhagen. The past couple of days have been rainy and we have 2 projects due in studio tomorrow, so I am looking back at these photos fondly.

P.S. I am thinking of making this a weekly series on the blog, where I share my favorite 8 snapshots with you! I like sitting down to go through and select which photos I want to edit, and I get to relive the memories. If you would like to see my other "snapshots" post from Copenhagen, check it out!

x. Paige

Navigating Europe...Without an iPhone?!

In the first 10 days now that I've lived in Copenhagen, I've been without wi-fi in my room and have been navigating the streets without a data plan on my iPhone. Now, if you would have read that sentence to me in the time before I left to go abroad, I would have probably had something close to a panic attack. Besides being very directionally challenged, and I mean very, I am also a huge fan of reading blogs and am borderline obsessed with Instagram. Admittedly I was a little wary the first few days of not being totally connected and in the know, but have started to realize all of the benefits it has created in turn. IMG_6482

The most powerful benefit to being "unplugged" has been to work on my navigation and mapping skills. I'll be the first to tell you that I couldn't point out north or south to someone even if my life depended on it, but I think in the last few years I have been using my trusty iPhone maps as a crutch. I had forgotten that I was actually quite good at getting myself to a destination with a tangible paper map and pen in hand.


Today I drew out this route before leaving campus because my Danish class had a cafe night at a local restaurant called Kaffesalonen. My friend and I headed out and I got us to our destination on our own without getting lost once. Arriving at the cafe both on-time and with confidence was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in a while. It also encouraged me to look out for street names, and in turn, notice more of my surroundings. Then when it was time to head home and my friend and I parted ways, I was able to get back to my metro stop without needing to check my map.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 3.47.36 PM

Now, I may be more interested in this phenomena than the average person because I am currently in urban design theory + urban journal classes, but I wanted to encourage you to try this challenge out for yourself, even with a perfectly functioning data plan in hand. You might be surprised at what looking up from your glitchy smartphone map can do to change your perspective.

Will I live in another country for 9 months without Internet in my apartment? Of course not. I would miss talking to my family and friends at home terribly. But, these first few weeks have taught me something invaluable, and who knows, I just may never sign up for a Danish data plan on my iPhone!

Is this something you would like to try? Happy travels and good luck! x. Paige