A Tip for Sparking Your Creativity

While I was sketching over my holiday vacation, I realized something. I am able to fill a sketchbook way faster than I was able to in the past. In fact, I was never really able to fill a whole sketchbook at all. I have a shelf full of empty sketchbooks to prove it. 

Luckily, that has changed this year. Here's why:

I created a video to share my thoughts on how I think I changed my creativity, and am able to come up with more ideas and get the drawing ideas out of my head. 

Click below to watch me share my tips:

These couple of things have made a huge difference for me, and I'm itching to sit down with my sketchbook again later this afternoon!

I am curious if you have different methods/tips for getting your creative juices flowing. I know they may be different for other creatives, like a photographer or musician, but either way I would love to hear them! Please share one or more with me in the comments sections. Always fun to hear from you! 

Thanks so much for reading + watching :) Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way today!

How the Periscope App Can Make You More Creative

The Persicope app can make you more creative.

This may seem like a lot of bologna, but let's think for a second about Instagram. That app has done a hell of a lot for creatives, and challenges them to get just that. Creative. 

If you haven't jumped on Periscope yet, or perhaps don't use it quite as often as you should, this post will change your hesitations. 

I've been having quite the love affair with Periscope the past 2 months. Not only has it allowed me to connect more with my community, it has made me more creative.

Here's 5 reasons why:

How Periscope Can Make You More Creative_Paige Poppe Artist Blog.jpg

1. It's addicting. 

Periscope is so addictive that you'll want to hop on it every day. I've had days where I broadcast 4 times in the same day. Four times. Something about it is magnetic. I am constantly watching my favorite creatives on the app. I will sometimes even plug in my headphones and just listen to people like it's a podcast. And trust me, if you hang out on there long enough watching people, you will want to try it.  That was an unintentionally creepy statement...just try it okay? K. 

2. Shows you what your audience craves

This is the biggest game changer about Periscope if you ask me. When you broadcast, you are there live and in-person with your audience. They will give you hearts, feedback, and tell you what they want more of. For example, Periscope showed me how many people in my audience wanted to see more watercolor tutorials, which led me to start creating a watercolor course that I will begin filming this fall.


And guess what? I would have no idea that anyone wanted this until they told me on Periscope.

3. Generate blog post ideas

If you open up the app and start talking about a topic, chances are your audience will ask you more questions in the comments that are related to that topic. While you scope, you can jot these down + answer them in future blog posts, or even future scopes! 

4. Challenges you to talk + work quickly

The app is very fast-paced in nature. You are trying to simultaneously introduce yourself, ask for hearts, share your knowledge, and answer comments. It's a lot to handle, but very energizing. 

In my case, I am often painting while I broadcast, so I am painting + talking/replying to comments while I do so. This creates a fun energy, and challenges me to keep up the banter while I work. Because I teach painting workshops in-person and have to talk while I instruct, I have found that Periscope has been useful practice for that as well. 

5. Encourages you to create every day

The majority of the people that I enjoy following on Periscope broadcast every day, and I encourage you to do the same. It will seem challenging at first to come up with a new piece of content every day, but it is such a great way to share your knowledge. You can also get more casual and behind-the-scenes on the days that you don't have to a ton to say. 

Periscope has been extremely stimulating for my painting process, especially for watercolor work. I like being able to work quickly (as mentioned in #4 above) and I try to come up with something new + interesting to watch each day. Let me tell you, I have never filled up a watercolor sketchbook faster than when I started my #PeriscopeSketchbook, where I live painted in the same sketchbook each day. Periscope was also pivotal for launching my watercolor zine, because I could share the entire painting process with my audience. They got excited along with me, which was so fun!

So what do you think? If you're on Periscope, do you agree? If not, have I encouraged you to start?

Follow me on Periscope @Paige_Poppe to come hang out + see how I use the app on my daily broadcasts!

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