DIY_Daisy Trim Shorts

hey everyone! once again i was browsing the trim aisle at the craft store and found something that i really loved. i know that summer is coming to an end, but since i still have a little bit of warm weather left and the beach near by, i figured i would make these while i had the chance! i was inspired by a pair of Lucky Brand shorts that i saw earlier in the summer (photo) that retailed for $79. if you look closely, you can see that this is the exact same daisy trim that i'm using...score. the pair of shorts that i decided to use also happened to be a pair of Lucky Brand that my friend gave to me (double score) so i'm basically getting the real deal for a little over 4 dollars!

1_gather: a pair of cutoff denim, some white thread, daisy trim, a needle, and some scissors. 2_here's the before image of my shorts 3_the pink X's that i've drawn on this image show where you should stitch. stitch each petal that goes horizontal across the shorts. i wouldn't worry about the petals on the top and bottom. 4_continue stitching each petal around the shorts until you have trimmed the entire leg.

and i'm finished! if you're patient the end result is really professional looking and cute. i spent about an hour and a half sewing these on, but it was worth it!

check back in the next few days to see how i'll style these!

finally, feel free to leave comments or questions, and also email or tweet me pics of the DIY projects you've done! xo, paige.