Cycling City

IMG_8505 This is where my day in the city starts every morning. After riding the metro from Amager to Copenhagen, I end up at the racks where I grab my white bike and head off to school, a cafe, or changes every day! København is truly a biking city, but it's not even a culture. It's a way of life. Biking is so incredibly fun and easy because of the great planning, and when I ride I feel like a real member of the city.







Now that I'm done raving about biking (I could go on, trust me) can we talk about this cardigan for a second? Vero Moda is one of the more affordable shops my friends and I have tracked down, and this is what I picked up over the weekend. I decided to veer away from black for once and go with this oxblood knit. It is super warm which is great, and I also like how it matched my shoes this day. Not that I was surprised about that was totally planned!

smile tank // Urban Outfitters, similar here and here cardigan // Vero Moda, Copenhagen disco pants // American Apparel boots // Forever 21, similar necklace // H&M, Copenhagen watch // Casio via

x. Paige

photos by Elsa Brown