Abstract Style in Aarhus

IMG_6981 This post is a bit abstract, but after sharing some photos of Aarhus in yesterday's snapshots of the week, I couldn't resist giving you a better look and also showing you what I wore as well! The ARoS Museum is quite exciting. Not only is the building very well designed, the art inside is pretty captivating and there is a gem on top! Olafur Eliasson designed the "Rainbow Room," which is a ring of colored tinted panels supported by the building that you can walk inside. Once you're in, you find an amazing 360 view of the city, and some pretty trippy coloration.

On this trip I packed light so the outfit isn't too extravagant, but I couldn't resist wearing this playful pineapple print tee I picked up at H&M the other day. I have an idea of how to style this top in a bit more colorful way, so keep an eye out for it in future style posts!



Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.08.40 PM







Whenever I visit museums in other cities when I am traveling, it always makes me wonder why I never go to them in my hometown! Browsing through the collections make for a fun day [and some cool photos too!] What about you? Have you been to any cool museums lately? If not, check one out on a rainy day! xx. Paige

pineapple tee // H&M Copenhagen skinnies // American Apparel Easy Jean combat boots // Steve Madden backpack // TimBuk2