ARCHITECTURE_Lasercut Chandelier

DSC_0751 I've been dying to share about this project ever since I finished it in the fall, but had to wait until I hung it up and it could be properly displayed. I made this chandelier last quarter for an annual furniture competition at my school that is held for architecture students. I created the fixture out of plumbing pipe, and then laser cut the "crystals" out of plexiglass. I chose to keep these materials in their raw form because I wanted to create something beautiful that had an honest materiality and was made out of unexpected items. The choice to make my own crystals was also due to the fact that chandelier crystals are very expensive, and I wanted to create a dialogue about digital fabrication.

By the way, these crystals may be familiar if you've seen this necklace I made and wore in this outfit post.

Below I've included the poster that was displayed next to my piece at the show, and talks a little more about the concept of the project!

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 8.02.34 PM

Next I've included some process photos. I cut and assembled the pipe frame in my school's wood shop, and spent two days in my studio using jewelry jump rings to hook all of the pieces together--there were over 1,000 individual crystals!

process 1  copy

Photo Oct 31, 5 44 45 AM

And finally, here are the photos of the finished product hanging up in my home! I'm so excited to have it displayed and want to create a little seating area underneath it.




Thanks so much for reading! I will be posting another lighting fixture project made out of plumbing pipe that is a little simpler if you want to make one yourself, so stay tuned for that. Until then, keep up with all my projects on Instagram @punkrockparti.

If you're interested in a custom chandelier, please contact me by email at

DIY_Hardware Headband

Hi everyone! Today I am so excited to introduce a new DIY that was featured in a digital magazine run by students from my college, called Digital Frankenstein! I am a big fan of this magazine because it features interesting projects by people on campus and in the local community. I was lucky enough to collaborate with them and bring you guys a DIY Hardware Headband that I came up with, and also an interview! This headband might be one of my favorite projects I've made so far, it adds a lot of visual interest and also stays in place for the entire day.

You can check out the latest issue to see how to make this, here, on page 28!

and you can learn more about Digital Frankenstein on their website or Facebook page!

Thank you so much to Digital Frankie--I'm so happy with how the article turned out!