Camouflaged Cobblestones

IMG_7861 If you've ever traveled to Europe before, or a city with medieval urban planning, you might be aware of the difficulty of navigating through cobblestones while wearing heels. After doing just that the other day in my new heeled boots, I think it's safe to say I will be on my bike as much as possible while wearing them, or alternate with comfortable shoes like these high-tops. I like these Vans not only because they get me around with ease, but they add a final touch of street style that ties my look together.







Today after class I grabbed a bite to eat with my friends, samosas to be exact, and then headed home to pack because...I am headed to Switzerland tomorrow! This trip is a study tour with class for about 7 days, and we're also going to Austria and Germany. We are going to see buildings that I have only dreamed about seeing in person, and also relax! Fingers crossed for a sunny week of sightseeing and fun, xx. Paige.

camo jacket // UNIF, from UO Chicago sweater // H&M Phoenix disco pants // American Apparel high tops // Vans Sk8-Hi backpack // TimBuk2, similar, and here

Underground Runway

IMG_7526 Well, it's finally starting to get cold here in København, so it was time to bring out the disco pants today! I have enjoyed the warm weather here so much, but I honestly didn't expect it to be so hot here so the wardrobe I packed was a little unsuited for this first month. Now that I can utilize my heavier pieces, I'm getting more excited about having more outfit options. Cold weather, however, also means a lot of rain. The rain ended up forcing us into the underground metro to take these photos and as I was sitting here editing I had the coolest thought. What if there was a runway fashion show in a city's metro station, under the city. I think that would be such a cool setting! Just an idea...






Today was my first studio presentation of the year so I chose this collared shirt this morning before heading out to add some professionalism. I think you can get away with something as grungy as Doc Martens as long as you maintain a certain level of polish with the rest of the look. After class my friends and I popped into H&M (which we do far too often...) and I picked up this statement necklace and wore it out of the store. I felt like my outfit called for just one more detail!

What do you wear when you have a big presentation? x. Paige

blouse // Fashion Q disco pants // American Apparel vintage boots // Doc Martens from Rose Bowl Flea Market double strand necklace // H&M Copenhagen midi rings // H&M Copenhagen

photos by Elsa Brown

Investment Pieces // Copenhagen

investment pieces title Lately my shopping mantra has been "quality over quantity." Granted, this isn't a groundbreaking idea, but for me it is a new way of thinking. As a pro-bargain hunter, I've been known to buy something that I like a decent amount, if I can get it for a killer deal. Don't get me wrong, I love my wardrobe, but it's left me with an overcrowded closet. Lately I've been working on only acquiring pieces that I either love or are vintage treasures. The result so far has been money saved, an organized closet, and some wardrobe staples that I'm very excited to wear.


My first stop was American Apparel. This is definitely a place I have always just window shopped in, so I was excited to finally pick some things up.


New in: The Disco Pant, a street style favorite. The sheen, the cut, what's not to love? I even remember my best friend and I popping in to just try these on so we could see how they feel. Now that I own them, I am sooo hooked. Also a plus, I think they will keep me warm while abroad!


Next up: The Easy Jean. Another piece that has been raved about by women everywhere. I didn't think a pair of jeans could be that much better than any I had worn before, but boy was I wrong. The 2% elastane gives these the perfect amount of stretch. They are both comfortable and fitted, and will be a good change of pace from my typical black denim.


I also paid a visit to Zara online. (The Arizona location is opening soon!) I saw this bag $60 less than the original price, and fell in love with the real leather black and white minimalism. I thought it would be a good bag to throw over my shoulder for a day of class, and could hold my books + laptop while riding my bike to class. However, I was a little disappointed to open the package and realize it didn't have much structure to it. If you're looking for a slouchy tote, I definitely recommend this baby, but it just wasn't the perfect choice for me. I'll have to keep my eye out for another black + white carry-all!

That's the extent of my purchases to date, but I'll keep you updated with new finds. Thanks for reading! x. Paige

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Copenhagen Must-Haves!

In a little over a month I am packing my bags for a school year abroad in Copenhagen! As big as my closet is, this Arizona girl is lacking clothes fit for cold and rainy weather. These are some of the pieces I have my eye on to keep me warm and prepared, but also stylish while abroad: Copenhagen Must Haves with text

American Apparel Disco Pants // will go with anything and hello thick material to keep me warm! North Face Backpack // I need a huge hands free carryall for short trips around Europe Dot Grid Journal // you can bet I'll be packing a bunch of sketchbooks, and I have my eye on this one Drop Dead Jacket // I'm on the hunt for visually interesting jackets to avoid being in solid black Gold Chain Necklace // Need one of these babies to throw on with the disco pants and a sweater Unif Hellraisers // It's no secret I love black loafers, and I'm ready upgrade to a spiky pair Pilot Varsity Ink Pen // These are my favorite sketching pens; I want to stock up and bring a bunch Clear Heeled Rain Boots // Amazingly minimal for rainy days in Copenhagen...but sold out ugh!

I'm excited to get to Copenhagen, and the chance to pick up a few great new pieces. I hope you'll join me in preparation for my big trip! Thanks for reading! x