Interview Attire

IMG_2632 Today I had an exciting interview for a study abroad scholarship. It went really well and was more like an interesting conversation. I hope it went well in their opinion too! I almost went with a pants look, but at the last minute I chose this easy shift dress and a statement necklace. I didn't wear the coat to the interview, but it kept me warm on my way home from class and I like how the differing patterns still work well together.








Today was a productive day in studio but everyone was also relaxed from the long weekend, so we were still having fun! My friend Max set up a mini photo-shoot to create "entourage" to put into our renders now that we are nearing the end of the quarter. In case you don't know what that means, check out this site. Anyways, I think I will work on a post this week with his tips on how to photoshop entourage from your own photos in case you are an architecture student in need of some help!

dress_anthropologie, sale jacket_urban outfitters, sale loafers_tj maxx collar necklace_forever 21

Hope you got your week off to a great start, and remember, it's only 4 days again! See you tomorrow!

ARCHITECTURE_Exploded Nook Drawing

Today I wanted to share part of the project I have been working on for the past 9 weeks. This quarter in my studio, we have each been creating a potential redesign of the library in Los Osos, California. This drawing was part of my final presentation, and demonstrates the warm reading nooks I have created to serve as both reading spaces and also to set up prescribed views over the landscape. Please click on the image to see the drawing in it's best quality!