Fall Uniform @ Figure 8

IMG_5600 I'm not one to be shy about experimenting with taking my own outfit photos, I've done it myself for months at a time, but tonight was the first time I tried this out with only my iPhone in hand. After dinner I took a walk to the 8 Tallet [Figure 8] building behind my house to catch the last minutes of the sunset and get some fresh air. I threw on what I imagine will become my fall uniform. Jeans, a cool jacket, and a statement sneaker to give the outfit some life. I wasn't planning to document this outfit, but the cool lighting and facade of the building were calling my name, and I couldn't resist. The secret ingredient? The "Timer Cam" app, which I learned about from this rad blogger. I love that the spontaneity of this app creates some refreshingly abstract photos in a DSLR dominant world.

double image






I'm still in awe lately of European fashion because the ladies here are so chic but every look is just so effortless. The fact that I can wear some sneakers paired with leather and be on trend is so awesome in my opinion, and also takes away a bit of the stress of getting dressed in the morning. Urban Outfitters dropped a new line of New Balance shoes for women this week [check it out here] and I already have my eye on a few. Comfort + color? How can you go wrong!

leather jacket // H&M Phoenix grey crop // Last Chance black skinnies // Target neon + black trainers // UO

x. Paige

Investment Pieces // Copenhagen

investment pieces title Lately my shopping mantra has been "quality over quantity." Granted, this isn't a groundbreaking idea, but for me it is a new way of thinking. As a pro-bargain hunter, I've been known to buy something that I like a decent amount, if I can get it for a killer deal. Don't get me wrong, I love my wardrobe, but it's left me with an overcrowded closet. Lately I've been working on only acquiring pieces that I either love or are vintage treasures. The result so far has been money saved, an organized closet, and some wardrobe staples that I'm very excited to wear.


My first stop was American Apparel. This is definitely a place I have always just window shopped in, so I was excited to finally pick some things up.


New in: The Disco Pant, a street style favorite. The sheen, the cut, what's not to love? I even remember my best friend and I popping in to just try these on so we could see how they feel. Now that I own them, I am sooo hooked. Also a plus, I think they will keep me warm while abroad!


Next up: The Easy Jean. Another piece that has been raved about by women everywhere. I didn't think a pair of jeans could be that much better than any I had worn before, but boy was I wrong. The 2% elastane gives these the perfect amount of stretch. They are both comfortable and fitted, and will be a good change of pace from my typical black denim.


I also paid a visit to Zara online. (The Arizona location is opening soon!) I saw this bag $60 less than the original price, and fell in love with the real leather black and white minimalism. I thought it would be a good bag to throw over my shoulder for a day of class, and could hold my books + laptop while riding my bike to class. However, I was a little disappointed to open the package and realize it didn't have much structure to it. If you're looking for a slouchy tote, I definitely recommend this baby, but it just wasn't the perfect choice for me. I'll have to keep my eye out for another black + white carry-all!

That's the extent of my purchases to date, but I'll keep you updated with new finds. Thanks for reading! x. Paige

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