DIY_Flannel Shirt Backpack

flannel shirt intro Hi everyone! Today's DIY is for this really cool backpack made from an old flannel shirt! This tutorial was inspired by this tutorial on the Beautiful Mess blog, written by Kinsey from the blog Sincerely, Kinsey.

I followed all of her simple steps to make the backpack, just replacing most of the stitching with my Fabric Fusion fabric glue from Michaels. You can follow her tutorial here, or check out my few photos to learn how and see the final result!


I started off with a long-sleeved flannel button down from Old Navy that I never really wore. Cut off the sleeves, and part of the bottom of the shirt if it's too long (think about how deep of a backpack it will be). After turning the shirt inside out, fabric glue or stitch the sleeve holes shut and also the bottom of the shirt. This makes the bag.


Turn the shirt right side out, and glue down the edges of the collar of the shirt to itself. This will make the hole for the backpack tie. Find a piece of ribbon or cord to thread through the newly created opening. I used this knotted white cord from my grandma's sewing box.


Finally, using the spare fabric from the shirt sleeves, cut two wide strips that are long enough to be straps. I folded the edges inside and glued for a finished look. Then just stitch the straps to the backpack (stitches will be sure to hold better than the glue) and you're done!



There's this finished product. I can't wait to wear this backpack with a casual outfit or even to go hiking or camping! Hope you enjoyed this 3rd Holi-DIY project!

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DIY_Elbow Patch Sweater

Elbow Patch Sweater Intro Hey everyone! Today I'm here with my 2nd HoliDIY project, an elbow patch cardigan that I upcycled from an old sweater dress. This dress was in my pile of clothes that I planned to donate, but I decided I wasn't done with it yet. I reused the thrifted flannel fabric from yesterday's DIY tee because there was quite a bit of leftover material, and made this cute final product! Let's get started:


These are the supplies you will need: an old sweater dress or just a sweater will work as well, flannel fabric, scissors, fabric glue, and a marker (not pictured).


I first cut off the bow from the sweater dress.


Since the sweater dress had these gathered sleeves, I cut them off for a more relaxed vibe.


After cutting off the bottom of the dress to create the sweater shape, I cut up the middle to make it into a cardigan. I decided to leave the edges unfinished because it was a pretty tight knit, but if you're worried about your's coming unraveled, you could hem the edges with fabric glue or a sewing machine.


The sleeves of my cardigan had a flare that I didn't really like. To fix this, I cut out a triangle from each sleeve of the fabric.


I then simply fabric glued the right sides together of the triangle cut.


To make the elbow patches, trace an oval shape, fold in half to ensure symmetry, and cut out.


Attach the patches to the back of the sleeves using fabric glue.


And here's the final product! I layered this over a denim shirt with a spiked leather collar to give it an edgier vibe, but I would also style it with a long sleeved denim shirt and cuff the sleeves for a cozy look!

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DIY_Tartan Skull Tee

HoliDIY 1 Today I am kicking off a fun little project, my Holi-DIY series! I am planning to do a DIY every day during this holiday season until I head back to school. These projects will range from fashion pieces to things you can create as gifts for someone. I hope you enjoy! Let's get started with the first project, a tartan print skull tee!


This tee is similar to one I made over the summer out of lace, see it here! That shirt has been one of the staples in my closet, and one of the first things I throw on if I don't know what to wear. I like this version because who doesn't love a tartan print and it's also pretty festive for the holidays too!


Here's what you will need. I picked up a new kind of fabric glue today called Fabric Fusions and it worked really well! Also, you can find both the base tee and the plaid fabric at a thrift store. For the plaid, just find a flannel in a print that you like!


First cut out a large rectangle from the back of the flannel shirt.


Fold the tartan fabric in half lengthwise and lay it on top of the shirt. Doing this helps you to get an idea of how long your skull should be. Place a dot on the plaid fabric at the top and bottom of the skull's head. Next draw a curve to mimic a head shape connecting the two dots. You can look at my marker sketch to get an idea. Don't worry about drawing on the fabric, you can just glue this side facing down to the shirt later.


Cut out the head shape. Next, sketch on two large eye holes and an upside down heart for nose with your marker.


Cut out your eye and nose shapes. You can also cut out teeth if you wish like I did on my lace skull tee DIY, but for this shirt, I decided to pass on cutting teeth so more of the plaid would show. Lay the final plaid skull onto your tee and position where you would like. Finally, lift up the edges of the skull and apply glue to the edges, continuing around the entire perimeter of the skull and also the eye and nose holes.


I am really loving this tee and am going to wear it out today (check for an outfit of the day later)! Thanks for reading!

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