Pastel Perfection


I had forgotten the power of an all-black outfit. I sported this tank + jeans combo around town because California was quite chilly while I was here, yay! To keep things fresh, I added this peachy kimono that I just love. Seriously, I die. I'm digging this outfit because it's something I would have rocked in Denmark, but it still works well for a day of hanging out at the beach. Any outfit where I can incorporate some of the European style I picked up is a win in my book. 


How fun are these pretty colors behind me? My dad and I spent the afternoon at one of my favorite spots, Avila Beach, for Father's Day yesterday. The buildings there are all painted in bright pastel shades like these walls, so it's quite the picturesque place. We are now en-route back to Arizona, but I'll be sharing a couple more looks from California this week on the blog. Stay tuned! x, Paige

Kimono // Love Culture c/o

Tank // Nordstrom

Jeans // Monki

Sandals // Target

Shoulder bag // Message Copenhagen [similar]


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Breezy Basics


I haven't taken these shorts off for the last 3 days...they're that good. Anytime I can get away with something as comfortable as pajama bottoms, I'll take it. Especially in this heat. I picked them up at Target the other day, and I found a bunch of other great items there that I can't wait to share with you guys. Everything I purchased was black + white and minimalistic.  I'm really trying to be conscientious about what I buy and take my wardrobe in the direction I want it to go in, because I can be a total impulse shopper! 


I think these bottoms are also going to be great paired with a bikini top for a beach day. Which is totally coming up soon because the next 2 weekends I will be in California! First to visit my college friends for their graduation in San Luis Obispo, and then I'm off to SoCal the next weekend for Warped Tour with my friends! I'd say excited is an understatement and these striped babies are for sure getting thrown in my suitcase! x, Paige


Tank top blouse // JC Penney

Striped shorts // Target

Sandals // Target

Shoulder bag // Message Copenhagen [similar]

Sunnies // Monki [similar]

Cross bracelet // eBay [similar]

Lipstick // MAC Viva Glam 


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Photos by Jake Bouchard

City Jungle


I've been thinking lately how funny it is that camo became a big trend recently in cities, when it doesn't really help you blend in at all. I love how versatile it can be though, and I never get bored styling my camo pieces. I think the trend may be fading out, but I could care less. I have quite the camoflauge collection at this point, and I'm not going to stop styling them any time soon! My mom gifted me this vest version for Christmas, and this is the first chance I had to wear it. As usual, I started off with a safe all black look, but now I'm ready to pair it with something more unexpected!


I told you guys I hadn't gone a day without wearing my new fanny pack/shoulder bag, and I wasn't kidding! I'm pretty sure this trend is so big in Copenhagen because it's the perfect bag for biking. Completely hands free and slung over your back when you're on a move. And if you're wondering about the safety aspect of it being on your back and all, you can just flip the pouch portion over to the front when you're walking around! Form and function? I'm sold.

x, Paige

Camo vest // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Dress // H&M [similar]

Boots // Doc Martens

Shoulder bag // Message [similar]

Sunglasses // Monki [similar]

Cross bracelet // borrowed [similar]

Photos by LeeAnn Slomkowski

Breaking the Fashion Rules


So guys...I jumped on the fanny pack train this weekend. It's more of a shoulder bag really, but I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes. I don't care though because I love this trend. I've worn my pebbled leather version every day since I bought it! I was in the store eyeing it, and was thinking about how I regretted not getting one when I first moved to Copenhagen, and now it was too late to get one because I'm bound for the states in 3 weeks. But then I was like, SCREW THAT! I'm bringing this trend back to America and I'm gunna rock it. Despite the stares I may get...


My other favorite part of this look is the midi skirt I picked up back in January when I went to London and got to shop at River Island for the first time. I've worn it twice with this same crop top, but I think it would also look killer with a band tee and some gold jewelry for a more casual vibe. Is it acceptable to wear patent leather in the daytime? Let's go with yes. x, Paige.

Crop top // Last Chance [similar]

Midi skirt // River Island [similar]

Boots // Doc Martens

Fanny pack // Message by Rosie&Roses [similar]

Photos by Stephanie Poppe