Finders Keepers Designmarket // Copenhagen

IMG_2005 On Sunday, my friend Elsa and I jumped on the train to Nordhavn to check out the Finders Keepers Design Market at Østerbrohuset! We thought it was going to be more like a flea market, but when we arrived we realized it was all handmade designs like prints, posters, and jewelry. Honestly, it was like any design lovers paradise. This was nothing like a kitschy market you might find back in the states. Everything was digitally fabricated and beautiful. We were in heaven!



The event was held in this really nice space. From what I can tell, its a community type space because other events and markets are held there like a guitar show, and it also doubled as a basketball court. The wood structure was so massive and unexpected. I loved it.


We were first drawn in by the prints in the right photo which were right by the entrance. At that point I already knew it was going to be full of treasures.


I was also so tempted by all of the jewelry. There was a definite trend of delicate pieces made of silver, gold, and pewter colored metals.


I also got a lot of DIY inspiration at the market. I would love to try to whip up a lamp like this one by Asgerlamper using the lasercutter back at school. Except mine would probably never be this beautiful...!


These cute numbered clocks would be an easy project as well!



Some more pretty jewels were these ones, that used a bit more color than others. I especially loved the plywood squares for display.

edit 1

I did pick up a few pieces of jewelry while I was there, but they were both free if you liked their Facebook pages! I thought that was a fun little concept. Both items are lasercut as well. The earrings are by Nordisktrae and the ring is from KANTbyRAHBEK, and I wore both in yesterday's style post.



There were some specialty items as well, like these handmade leather bicycle handgrips by Copenhagen Lovehandles. [Love that company name by the way.] Let me tell you, if I was going to live in Copenhagen for a longer period of time, I would go all out and put together a really tricked out bike. There are such nice ones here, and tons of ways to customize them.


Finally, I wanted to share my finds from the market! I spied a lot of people leaving the market with this poster of Copenhagen's opera house by Wonderhagen. Luckily for me, I snagged the last one and got it half off because of an apparent dent...but really, who's looking that close?


Next, I had seen these super rad 3D printed rings in an art museum in Denmark a couple months ago for like $100 and thought they were so cool. I found this one by maison203 for a fifth of the price and couldn't resist! I'm so into lasercut jewelry but don't get many chances to shop for 3D printed pieces so I decided to spring for this one.


Lastly, I got this cool metro line card set by muff. I'm so into mapping lately and can't wait to hang these up in my new apartment in a little row!

I also got a few Christmas gifts but obviously have to keep those a secret! Shhh. I hope that you guys enjoyed this little inside look at the Finders Keepers market! I go to a lot of amazing pop up events in Copenhagen and really like sitting down and documenting it all so you can enjoy it just as much as I do [through the computer screen at least]! x. Paige