Behind the Scenes: Music Inspired Deck

Happy Tuesday friends! 

This skateboard painting is one that I finished in the summertime, but is still one of my favorites to this day! This was a custom commission inspired by lyrics from the pop punk band Four Year Strong.


As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video, I made this deck by hand! It always feels special to make the entire process by hand from start to finish. 

I especially loved this piece because it really brought out the beauty within the wood. Like honestly, how gorgeous is that stain?! 

I have been on a roll with these painting videos lately so I hope you are enjoying them! There are many more to come :) 

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Tattoo + Lyrics Handmade Deck

I am too stoked to share this deck with you today! Here's why it was so fun...

blog 3.jpg

First off, this is one of my handmade decks. There is something about having created the canvas as well as the art that I just love

blog 4.jpg

Another highlight of this project, was that my friend Jake came up with the concept for this deck. It was inspired from a song by Four Year Strong, our favorite pop punk band. 

blog 2.jpg

We worked side by side in my studio on this piece. Him providing his opinions and comments, and me sketching and painting. It was so awesome to have him next to me weighing in, because I typically communicate with custom clients over email. 

blog 1.jpg

Finally, this design was just rad in general. Tattoo-inspired-art was a huge influence for me when I first started painting skateboards, and it was nice to go back to those roots.

Big thanks to Jake for his amazing idea + for riding this baby around at school!

Interested in a custom skateboard for yourself? I'd love to bring your ideas to life! 

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DIY Guitar // Part 2: Sketching + Woodburning

TITLE INTRO Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed last week's post that was part one of our new series, DIY Guitar! Now, it is time for part deux! This will cover my sketching process to come up with the perfect design, and then about the wood burning process and some tips. Enjoy!

guitar sketch 1

Jake and I threw a lot of ideas back and forth about what kind of design to put on this guitar. At some point, we settled on a koi fish because we both like Asian art and Japanese tattoos. We also thought the shape of the koi body would flow well with the shape of the guitar. This was one of our final sketches, which I drew on a guitar body template I made up in Photoshop.

guitar sketch 2

However, at the last minute, I think both of us knew we weren't crazy excited about the koi fish design. Although I was the one drawing, the whole sketching process was very collaborative between Jake and I, especially because he will be the one playing the guitar! One day we had an aha moment. One of our favorite bands is Four Year Strong. They have a lyric that goes "We built this city on heart and soul," and once we started discussing that as a possible design, we were hooked. This was one of the original sketches, but we improved it before getting started.

guitar sketch 3

Here is a refined sketch before we began wood burning. It incorporates a city and sunburst, as well as stars and a planet to make it a little more etherial. As you can tell, I didn't draw out the entire design perfectly before sketching it on the guitar in pencil, but that is kind of how I work. I usually save the final sketch for the final product, and do it freehand.


We were now ready to begin wood burning! I used a Walnut Holly Creative Woodburner, which has lasted me over 6 years and it has always been reliable and awesome.

woodburning tips

If you're unfamiliar with wood burning, here is a little guide to get you started. There are a ton of different tips you can purchase for your woodburner, and most come with about 4 when you buy it anyway. The ones I use most commonly are these three.

The universal tip: this is what I used for the majority of the guitar design. It has a very straight and sharp edge that creates clean, straight lines. Curves are a little more difficult with this baby

The point tip: This was a new tip I picked up, that I now love! I used it for all the stars because it makes nice little perfect circles. I also used it for some of the curves, like in the planet and lettering.

The shading tip: I didn't do any shading for this project, but it's a great little tip. The harder you press, the darker your shading will be!


Here is how the design turned out. I was very pleased with it considering I hadn't woodburned a big project since this longboard.



IMG_4866 copy

Here's our whole design! We love it! Let me know what you think of it in the comments, and if you have any questions about wood burning guitar projects, let us know! Stay tuned for Part 3: Staining! x. Paige