Born in the USA

IMG_3966 Happy 4th of July! I'm about to head over to my friend's place for a day of BBQ and swimming, so I wore a casual look over my bathing suit. These white shorts are a new staple for me, and I decided to go all monochromatic today with this Budweiser tee. It's patriotic and fun!






budweiser tee // Target Mens white studded denim // BDG by Urban Outfitters gladiator sandals // Target red bow // Forever 21

I was feeling pretty festive and also excited to eat after my recent juice fast (details on Instagram) so I whipped up three dishes for the barbecue I am headed to today!

IMG_3958 Fruit Tart: Just sugar cookie dough, with a topping of cream cheese, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla. Then, top with fruit! Bonus points for a patriotic design.


Caprese Salad



Watermelon Cake

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fun holiday!

Cardigan + Cutoffs

IMG_3878 A piece that I have been lusting over for months now is the American Apparel Modal Shawl Cardigan. It's a big ticket item that I think I will invest in before leaving for Copenhagen, but until then I have been on the hunt for something similar at thrift stores. That's why I was stoked when my bestie gave this one to me yesterday (that she thrifted) because she didn't like how it looked on her. We trade clothes like this quite often, and I gladly accepted! I think it will look great with dresses, but yesterday I paired it with a simple tank and shorts combo to stay cool.







black tank // Material Girl for Macy's vintage cutoffs // Levi's from eBay lace cardigan // thrifted sandals // Steve Madden for TJ Maxx studded bag // Gypsy Warrior red belt // Goodwill octopus bracelet // local boutique Frances Vintage arm cuff // antique inital necklace // Urban Outfitters charm necklace // rummage sale

On my Instagram earlier today I posted this photo of a DIY tank I made in case anyone needed some outfit ideas for the 4th tomorrow!

It is pretty simple to make--just cut fringe and add beads, but if you need a more in-depth tutorial I have posted it below! This tutorial was the first DIY video I ever made back when my best friend and I tried starting up a YouTube channel. It's pretty embarrassing I'll admit, but still useful! Enjoy and have a good holiday!