All-Nighter Essentials

all-nighter essentials.jpg

I'm no stranger to an all-nighter in studio. As an architecture major I've pulled more than I can count. While it's not the funnest thing in the world, you can make it a little better by being prepared for the long night of work ahead of  you with some cozy essentials + cool gadgets. Check out my dream picks for a fashionable all-nighter that will help you power through your work!

1// Alien Socks - Topman 2// Wool Sweater - Stella McCartney 3// Headphones - FRENDS 4// Neon Beanie - Carhartt 5// Ballpoint Pens - Kaweco 6// Zipped Leggings - Stella McCartney 7// Macbook Case - Moshi 8// Cutout Boot - Topshop 9// Eyeball Mousepad - Mishka 

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