Building Crush

Building Crush intro After starting my summer job, my new driving route led me down streets that I don't take often. One afternoon, this empty little structure in Scottsdale caught my eye, and after that day I could never stop thinking about it. I want to share this small building with you and the very large crush I have on it. I intend to adopt this site as my own little personal imaginary project in upcoming months, and why I think it is just so good.


So first of all, this picture...I die. This building, especially at this angle, just has so much potential in my eyes. It used to house a store called Hopi Liquor, where my dad used to pick up his chew during his baseball days. Nostalgia? Check. Anyway, I've probably driven past this building more times than I can count, and never really thought twice about it until it was empty.


Side note: if the facade looks familiar, you might remember it from this personal style post. Okay, let's get back to the building.


I think the reason it didn't catch my eye for at first, was because for so long I was kind of stuck at a point where I didn't know what I wanted to do in the architecture world. At one point recently, I got frustrated and unmotivated. However, a little bit of summertime relaxation and a clear mind, I've started to realize some of my goals. I plan to write an entire post on this "dream job" of mine, but for now I'll keep it short and say that I want to be an exterior and interior retail architect, also working with graphic design and branding for said retail companies. Still with me?


This building has become like a confirmation of my goals. When I look at it, I picture white graphic font on the windows, an outdoor patio, a steel logo against the changes every day. Maybe it's a coffee shop, maybe it's a little boutique. But most importantly, it shows me that I would be able to see this kind of potential in other buildings, and that is something I'm excited about.


In an ideal world, I would throw down my savings and buy this baby so I could make my dream become a reality. I researched it a bit, and I don't have a spare 375k laying around. (Side note: that seems a bit steep to me, but it does have an awesome location). But for now, like I said before, I am planning to make this my little imaginary personal project.


What does that entail? Well, at my summer job I have been learning a lot about zoning, land planning, and working with city development departments. I would like to approach this site as if I was dealing with it in the real world, and choose a program within the current zoning regulations (C-2 commercial zoning under the City of case you were wondering. I know it was killing you.) I then want this project to be a learning opportunity for me. I have never had formal training in graphic design or brand identities, and I plan on using resources available online and teaching myself.


If I can actually find the time to work on this idea, and I think I will because it really excites me, I think it will be a great piece for my portfolio. I touched on this on Instagram the other day, but if you want to do something, go out and do it. I don't work for a retail firm or a graphic designer, but I'm going to put myself in that state of mind and see what comes from it.


The next step is to organize the measurements and notes I've taken, and get to work on my computer with story boards and a digital model. I'd like to hopefully keep you updated on this project as it progresses and what I have learned along the way. Stay tuned for that! I'd also like to thank you for being interested in my architectural musings and reading my blog. If you enjoyed it, look forward to more architecturally geared posts in the future on this site. I feel that I've started to understand what kind of blog I want to create, and I hope you join me!

x. Paige

P.S. I'm headed to California on Thursday night for a last summer hurrah with my friends. I am leaving my computer at home for the weekend, but you can keep up with me on Instagram @punkrockparti

Investment Pieces // Copenhagen

investment pieces title Lately my shopping mantra has been "quality over quantity." Granted, this isn't a groundbreaking idea, but for me it is a new way of thinking. As a pro-bargain hunter, I've been known to buy something that I like a decent amount, if I can get it for a killer deal. Don't get me wrong, I love my wardrobe, but it's left me with an overcrowded closet. Lately I've been working on only acquiring pieces that I either love or are vintage treasures. The result so far has been money saved, an organized closet, and some wardrobe staples that I'm very excited to wear.


My first stop was American Apparel. This is definitely a place I have always just window shopped in, so I was excited to finally pick some things up.


New in: The Disco Pant, a street style favorite. The sheen, the cut, what's not to love? I even remember my best friend and I popping in to just try these on so we could see how they feel. Now that I own them, I am sooo hooked. Also a plus, I think they will keep me warm while abroad!


Next up: The Easy Jean. Another piece that has been raved about by women everywhere. I didn't think a pair of jeans could be that much better than any I had worn before, but boy was I wrong. The 2% elastane gives these the perfect amount of stretch. They are both comfortable and fitted, and will be a good change of pace from my typical black denim.


I also paid a visit to Zara online. (The Arizona location is opening soon!) I saw this bag $60 less than the original price, and fell in love with the real leather black and white minimalism. I thought it would be a good bag to throw over my shoulder for a day of class, and could hold my books + laptop while riding my bike to class. However, I was a little disappointed to open the package and realize it didn't have much structure to it. If you're looking for a slouchy tote, I definitely recommend this baby, but it just wasn't the perfect choice for me. I'll have to keep my eye out for another black + white carry-all!

That's the extent of my purchases to date, but I'll keep you updated with new finds. Thanks for reading! x. Paige

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The Making of: A Sectional Model

Today I am excited to share the step-by-step process of making a sectional architectural model. This model was a partner project between myself and my friend Parvathy Nair. The building design is for an urban middle school located in downtown Chicago. If you're not familiar with a sectional mode, it is as if you were taking a cut of a large portion of the building you have designed. Often it is painted a bright color to communicate the cut. In our case, it is the color yellow. Please enjoy these process photos to learn more about what happens in a third year architecture studio!

section post

I hope you enjoyed this "behind-the-scenes" look into our academic world. I'm extremely interested in any sort of processes (most architecture majors are) and I think it's important to look back and admire your own work from time to time. Thank you for reading!

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