Summer Silhouttes


This lace-trimmed vintage Harley tank is one of my favorite pieces in my's just so unique! However, I found that I couldn't wear it as often as I wanted because its very cropped and I didn't have much I could pair with it. Lucky for me, my mom found me a couple pairs of printed shorts at TJ Maxx recently that are so adorable...and very high waisted. Now I will be rocking this tank more often, and I think I will cut a couple of my other band tees the same way! 


I haven't talked about this much on my blog, but I have been doing the Atkins diet for a month. After eating basically whatever I wanted while living in Europe, I was ready to slim down for summer. Besides feeling great, it has really changed the way I dress! I am able to experiment with more silhouettes and styles. If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to improve your health, start now! I feel so good and it's worth sacrificing carbs :) Thanks for reading babes! x, Paige

Harley Davidson tank // American Vintage [similar]

Daisy shorts // TJ Maxx [similar]

Wedges // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Gold claw necklace // H&M [similar]

Gold cuff // Craft store DIY [similar]


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Stockholm Style


A black coat, black skinnies, and a rugged boot are essentials for me while traveling. After wearing through many pairs of shoes, I love having a pair I can trek all over with. There was so much to see in Stockholm, so I was happy to have these babies. I'm also starting to work some color back into my wardrobe, I had to stash this vibrant floral tee I just picked up at Monki. It is bringing some life + fun back into my wardrobe! Admittedly I still have some style envy walking down the street past girls clad in head-to-toe black. It's just so chic! 


I have always been curious to go to Stockholm and check out the street style there, but I was honestly unimpressed. I don't mean that in a snobby way at all, but I honestly think that the style in Copenhagen is at a whole different level, and Stockholm didn't compare. Maybe I was hanging out in the wrong areas, but when I got back to Copenhagen this week and walked around this weekend I spotted way more style that I loved. Have you experienced something like this before? x, Paige. 

"Word" tee // Monki 

Jeans // Monki 

Coat // Zara [similar]

Boots // Zara [similar]

Photos by Elsa Brown