DIY_Grommet Bracelet

i saw this grommet trim the other day at my local craft store, and thought that it was begging to be made into a bracelet! it was relatively inexpensive project, about 5 dollars because the trim cost $8.99 a yard (i used a little less than half of a yard) and i think it makes a great addition to my black and gold jewelry collection!

1_you will need grommet trim, matching gold jump rings, scissors, and a clasp 2_measure around your wrist and cut two pieces of trim at that size 3_next, i trimmed off one the side edges on each piece. this helped for the next step when i hooked the two pieces of trim together so that they didn't overlap. 4_hook the two pieces of trim together at every other grommet using the jump rings. with jump rings this large, i didn't even need to use pliers.

finally, attach a clasp to create a closure for your bracelet. i decided to use a small gold safety pin for a more edgy look, and just threaded the last jump ring through the safety pin hole.

and that's it! i love my new bracelet and hope you enjoyed this DIY. feel free to leave comments or questions!