Goodwill Outlet Haul // Summer Edition

IMG_3420 I took another trip to the Goodwill Outlet right before I left San Luis Obispo with my favorite thrifting buddy Alana. My last outlet haul video was pretty popular, so I knew I had to make another one for you guys. My finds were even better this time (see how I styled one of them above) so watch and enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by! Have you been to a Goodwill Outlet before? What did you think of it? I know that they can vary so I'd love to know if you found anything good!

x Paige

HAUL_Spring Break Chicago Haul Video

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.49.05 PM Hi guys! So sorry for my lack of posts this week! I was on an amazing trip in Chicago with my architecture studio and we were just so busy that I decided to leave my computer at home and enjoy all of our time there. Now that I'm back, I filmed this fun haul video for you guys and am also working on a big vlog video from the trip and a couple architecture posts. Until then, I hope you enjoy this video and my latest finds!


I tried my best to find these pieces on line in case you are interested in picking them up for yourself! Unfortunately I couldn't find some of the items online (especially because H&M doesn't have an online store) but if you get more extensive with your Google skillz, I bet you could find some great things!

Gypsy Warrior Bag UNIF Tee Metallica Sweatshirt UNIF Awol Jacket

Thanks for watching! See you tomorrow!

FASHION_Rose Bowl Flea Market

As I mentioned in my last post, I also hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena on my LA trip. It was so amazing and there were just as much home goods as clothing items. I picked up some great things and also talk about them in the Haul Video I filmed today, which I hope you watch and enjoy! [youtube]

Rose Bowl Flea Market--SO much selection!

army backpack from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

studded military vest from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Plaid shirt from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Led Zeppelin cropped tee from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Doc Marten boots from the Rose Bowl Flea Market

rings from Brandy Melville

patches from Amoeba Records


picked this up at the Salvation Army for $3, and fits perfectly!

thrifted this plain white tee at the Goodwill for $3 and painted it today, check back tomorrow for an outfit featuring this shirt!

and finally, the thrifting gods were so good to me today. not sure if these will end up as tank tops, but they are the perfect additions to my band tee collection.