DIY_Hardware Beaded Necklace

IMG_0042 Have you ever DIYed something to go with a specific outfit? Well, that's how I got the idea for this necklace. I recently purchased this metallic shirt from Urban Outfitters on sale to wear during the holidays. It worked great for Christmas Eve with my family, but I was worried about how to style it afterwards in more casual situations.

I decided that I needed a necklace that was bold and industrial that toned down the impact of the shirt. I chose to work with a simple black cord and silver hardware to create this cinched necklace. It reminds me of my DIY Hardware Headband and is really simple. I hope you enjpy this tutorial and try to make one of your own!


You will need: black decorative trim (mine is from Hobby Lobby), scissors, 3 nuts, and clear nail polish.


First, cut a piece of cord that fits around your neck and over your head, and then leave extra length on both ends as well. At this point, you can use the clear nail polish to prevent the ends from fraying. However, if you tie on knots like I did, you can probably get away without using it.


Fold the cord in half and thread a nut through both ends of the cord. Put the loop over your head, and position the nut so that it is in a place where you can comfortably put the necklace over your head without moving the nut around. My nut was snug enough that I didn't need to knot the cord.


Next, on the ends of the cord, thread on a nut and tie a knot at the bottom.


Do the same for each end, and also add a knot above each nut to keep them in place.


Here's my finished product! I'm really happy with how it compliments my top, and now am excited to wear it in casual settings!

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DIY_Spike Earrings

i was recently inspired by a pair of earrings I saw on the Miss Selfridge website. they had spike charms and were very long--intended to be the same length as a girl with long hair. i wanted to recreate a long earring myself. Unfortunately, my hair is still pretty short so i had to make my earrings more of a medium length, but I am still really happy about the result! these earrings can be dressed up or down and literally took me 5 minutes to make! Here's the simple instructions:

1_take your pair of pliers and cut a piece of chain that measures the length from your ear lobe to the ends of your hair. 2_cut another piece of chain that is about half of the length of the other chain 3_open up the loop on the end of your earrings and hook both chains onto the loop. close the loop. 4_attach a jump ring to the end of each chain. 5_slide the larger spike charm onto the jump ring of the longer chain. close the jump ring. 6_slide the smaller spike charm onto the jump ring of the shorter chain. close the jump ring. 7_complete these steps for the other earring, and you're done!