My Last Week in Denmark - Life Lately

So it feels so weird to write this, but this was my last week in Denmark. This morning I headed to the airport with my multiple suitcases [yikes] and am now on my way home to Arizona! I am definitely excited to go home, but Copenhagen has also become a home to me. Friday was the most perfect day spent biking + relaxing with friends, and those are the times that make it most hard to leave. Here's a peek at my final fun times in Copenhagen:

life lately 14.jpg

1// This week I announced I am launching my own skateboard brand, Studio Skate. Exciting stuff! Thank you guys for supporting on Kickstarter so far, and if you haven't checked it out yet you can here! 2// Here's a shot of the beautiful day I had with my friends on Friday! We took [multiple] naps in the sun, cooked some hot dogs, and enjoyed the awesome shore scenery 3// This was a little throwback pic I shared on Instagram this week that has me dreaming of summer! It will be fun to wear some more color now that I'm back in the states 4// This week I had the pleasure of meeting Parfa Crew, an awesome skateboard brand here in Copenhagen. Check out their rad gear and you will be hearing more about them in the future!

I am getting in to Phoenix late tonight, and I'm sure jet lag will be a struggle...So, if you guys are looking for new posts, just hang tight! I might need a few days to catch up on sleep + also catch up with my family and friends! I will still be posting on Instagram though, so make sure you keep up with me there @punkrockparti! x, Paige

Instalately | November

This month, my Instagram was apparently a balance of selfies and travel snaps. Speaking of which, having you heard that "selfie" is word of the year and is officially part of the English dictionary? Seems fitting. We're all guilty of occasionally taking a photo of ourselves on a good hair day, aren't we? Enjoy, and don't forget to follow on Instagram @punkrockparti or click [here]. instalately


Instagram Lately

While I'm away in Amsterdam, I thought I would keep up with you guys by doing another Insta-recap of a few things I've been framing lately in Copenhagen, enjoy! insta roundup1

Clockwise, starting from top left

// Picked up the Cheap Monday logo tee I've always wanted for 6 bucks at a store called WEEKDAY that I really like!

// Local street style I spotted in the Nørrebro neighborhood on a rainy day. I love her chunky cardigan.

// A look inside David Ritter's furniture studio, also in Nørrebro. If you missed his interview on the blog, you can check it out here!

// Fall is in your face in Copenhagen because the changing leaves are everywhere and so pretty. This was during my urban journaling class where we were mapping our bike route.

insta roundup2

Clockwise, starting from top left

// Dreaming of all the beautiful landscapes on my recent study tour, like this one of sunflowers + the Alps taken in Austria.

// As amazing as study abroad is, the one bad part is missing my family and friends at home. For "throwback Thursday" [might be the first time I've ever posted a #tbt] I was remembering the trip to Huntington Beach with Jake and Jamie.

// Have you ever tried Stamen Maps before? I made these 2 watercolor versions of my upcoming destinations on the site. It's an awesome resource!

// Biking is one of my favorite parts of living in Copenhagen, which is pretty clear considering I post bike photos on the reg.

Well guys that's all I had to catch up on with you for now, thanks for stopping by! I'm currently having a great time in Amsterdam and can't wait to share photos and stories with you soon! Keep up with me on Instagram too of course @punkrockparti

x. Paige

Soleri Sunset

IMG_5199 Another day, another dollar, another outfit. I've been wanting to wear this dress to work many times recently, but hesitated because the back has a large cutout. Today I threw on this oversized lace cardigan that I am obsessed with and was set! I thought that the two flowy pieces wouldn't work together, but the slight structure of lace material actually gives it some shape. As a bonus, it keeps me warm in my cold office! I finished off the look with a statement necklace, and then some sandals to keep look a little more summery and less serious.







I was out shopping today with my mom and we stopped on this great bridge over the canal in Scottsdale. The large silver structure you can see in the background is a bridge by Paolo Soleri. I used to think the design was an eyesore, but now it is growing on me. Soleri was a fascinating architect that recently passed away, and now I appreciate having a piece of his work so close to my home!

dress // Fashion Q

lace cardigan // thrifted

gladiator sandals // Sam & Libby for Target

studded bag // Gypsy Warrior

collar necklace // Forever 21