Laundromat Look

20131227-214440.jpg I'm back in Copenhagen! Today was spent running some errands like hitting up the laundromat, washing all of the clothes I traveled in. I forgot to touch base with you guys [oops] before heading out, but we went to Germany for the holidays with my parents on the 21st! We spent our time in Pulheim, Germany near Dusseldorf, and had just the best time. We have a ton of relatives there, most of which I hadn't seen in seven years! It was so great to see everyone and celebrate Christmas together, and even meet some of my family I had never met before if you can believe that. I hope that you had a happy holiday as well, and it's good to be back at blogging!





I have a few new items in my wardrobe after Black Friday + Christmas festivities, and today I felt like wearing them all at once for one rad look. I snagged this UNIF tank that I've loved for ages on Black Friday, and am loving the oversized fit since I decided to size up. I paired it with other favorite pieces, including my Christmas present, these amazing Dr. Marten's boots! I would normally only buy shoes in black to be safe, but I am so happy I chose the grey pair. They are still completely neutral, but just break up the tons of black that I wear. See you tomorrow guys, x. Paige

Get the look: skeleton tee // Unif, sold out [DIY] cardigan // Vero Moda [similar] disco pants // American Apparel [exact] boots // Doc Martens [exact] beanie // Carhartt [exact] necklace // H&M [similar]