DIY_Skull Earrings

hi guys! so jewelry made out of skull beads has been everywhere lately which i love. even though these pieces aren't particularly expensive, you can make them for even cheaper and then wear them right away! lets get started:

1_these are the supplies you will need. i used the large jump rings to attach the skull beads to the earring chain because i had some laying around, but i would suggest using wire for your own project. also, i picked up these skull beads from ebay! just search 'skull beads' and check out all of your options. mine are a smaller version, that cost me 2 bucks for 20 beads, with free shipping. definitely a good deal

2_if you choose to use large jump rings instead of wire, straighten out the ring with a pair of pliers

3_slide the wire through the first bead, and bend the wire at a 90 degree angle at the base of the bead to hold it in place using your pliers

4_ slide on your desired length of chain onto the other end of the wire, and then fold to secure using the pliers

finally, hook a matching earring hook around your chain, and secure with pliers. follow the same steps for the other earring, and you're done!

i'm really happy with how these earrings came out, and have been able to wear them a lot already because the neutral white goes with anything. stay tuned in the future for another jewelry project using these beads, and good luck with your own project!