Dressing With Danish Simplicity

IMG_6621 I have noticed that my style is becoming much more simplified now that I am in København. Perhaps it is because I have been rather busy and running around the city most of the time, but I have also been paying attention to how the Danes dress with such style but also a certain amount of ease. When wearing this dress I would normally throw on my embellished combat boots and some spike jewelry, but today it just felt so much more chic to only wear a couple of delicate rings and a pair of sunnies. I think that this lack of fussiness also suits my lifestyle because I am always using my hands in studio, or taking lots of photos. I love how the Danish can pare something down to just its basic form to produce something so pleasing, and I think their fashion is no exception!






Today my friends and I figured we better knock off some touristy sights on our to-do list, so we visited Christiania, the Black Diamond Library, and Newhavn (New Harbor) to name a few. We were also on the hunt for the famous Little Mermaid statue but that proved to be pretty hard to find! I have been terrible about editing my footage this week, but I have filmed a ton starting from the first day and am hoping to compile weekly vlogs about my time in Europe. I will be sure to pass those along to you once the first one is posted!

Hej hej! (pronounced hi hi) which means Goodbye in Danish! x. Paige

dress // H&M Chicago
trainers // Urban Outfitters
bag // Gypsy Warrior
sunnies // Target
midi ring // H&M Copenhagen
plexiglass ring // laser cut by my friend Ariana

P.S. Congrats to the winner of the giveaway I hosted with Diamond Candles, Cindy A.! I will be emailing you shortly so that you can claim your prize! Thank you so much to everyone that entered, there was such a great response!

Submitted to IFB Project #113: Street Style Inspiration