Monochromatic on Landemærket Street


After buying this dress last August I had this outfit idea in my head the entire summer and thought I would wear it once I moved to Copenhagen, but actually never ended up pairing the pieces together. Funny how that works, right? Well, I kept the combo in my outfit idea list I keep in the back of my head and finally pulled it out of my closet on a rushed day! Comfort is key when I'm hurrying out the door, so I can't wait to try it again with a heeled black boot, more colorful accessories, and bare legs! Except going sans-tights is a pretty big faux-pas in this city so I'll probably wait until I'm back in Arizona for that one...


I also just had to include this photo to show how active the streets are in Copenhagen every day! This street, Landemærket is one that I cycle down every time I head to school and it is always a busy place. Besides how lively it is, my favorite part has to be these rainbow buildings! I've definitely shared these with you on my Instagram before because I'm obsessed. These are the kinds of picturesque places you just can't find in the states. So pretty! 

I hope you have a great weekend guys, and I'll talk to you Sunday! x, Paige

Leather jacket // H&M [similar]

Dress // H&M [similar]

Sk8-Hi Tops // Vans

Scarf // Zara [similar]

Bag // Next UK [similar]

Photos by Elsa Brown