Design Trade Show Copenhagen

IMG_6661 On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Design Trade Show-Copenhagen in Ørestad! The event was held at the Bella Center which is only 2 metro stops away from my apartment in Amager. I found out about the show from a fellow student, and attended under the title of "student + blogger." This is one of the first times I introduced myself to curators and designers as a blogger, so it was also an exciting step for me!

I was completely blown away by all of the Scandinavian design. The event showcased not only furniture and lighting, but also thesis projects, home accessories, and art. Since I also received a lot of information and handouts about the companies and designers, I did my best to try and include it for you as well so that you could get as excited about these designs as I did and continue researching if you so choose! Enjoy!

If you're curious about what I wore to the event, don't miss yesterday's style post!


Colored acrylic home goods by Made 2 Measure.



Bloomingville had a large setup which I loved because it was minimalistic but had edgy pieces and color mixed in. I'm all for simple design, but employing color in a space gives it some life!


"Forest and Meadow" was a showcase of all Polish designers, and this gorgeous light fixture by Pani Jurek was a lovely organic surprise amongst more stark pieces.


Uber cute miniature versions of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair by 1:6 Design.



One of my favorite setups had to be these designs by Designritter. These tables are created out of oriented strand board (plywood) and the rough texture was eliminated by covering the pieces with colored spackle, and then sanded down. It was almost unreal how smooth these were to the touch, and I loved the feminine cut of the design in contrast to the raw looking material.



Some of the most interesting showcases to me were the student work and thesis projects, because I enjoyed seeing the talent from people my age. I thought this idea of creating furniture in a week from a raw material was really interesting, and something I would like to try myself.



My other favorite designer at the show was Miriam Ortwed. I had actually spotted one of her prints at a store earlier in the week (similar to the one on her business card above), but her laser cut layered pillows are what really caught my attention. I am a huge fan of mixing digital fabrication + textiles, and her work didn't disappoint. I feel that her designs are well-crafted and intelligent, but also maintain a sense of playfulness. Ahh I am so obsessed with her work! Definitely will keep my eye out around town for more pieces.

There was of course a multitude of incredible work displayed at the trade show, but I thought I would share a small curation of just my favorites. If you are interested in more pieces, I would be happy to share more websites or photos with you! Just ask in a comment or email me at!


Finally, I will leave you with this poster I spotted in the blogger-curated section by Allan of Bungalow5. The print is by poster brand Froh & Frau. I guess my future is looking pretty good from behind my laptop...ha! Thanks for stopping by, x. Paige


As promised, I worked on an architecture/design type post to document my Chicago trip I returned from last week. I also filmed quite a bit while I was there because I was very excited to have a camera that can record video in HD. If you're interested in that you can check it out at the bottom of the post to watch it! Otherwise, here are some of my favorite photos of the trip. My camera was dead for the day we saw the most monumental structures (a lot of Mies, Monadnock, Logan Center, University of Chicago, etc...) but I managed to get those with my iPhone, so I provided a mixture. Enjoy! IMG_0337

Cannon Design office inside the Michigan Plaza Building_Mies van der Rohe


Cannon Design office inside the Michigan Plaza Building_Mies van der Rohe


Cannon Design office inside the Michigan Plaza Building_Mies van der Rohe


Pin up of our studio work at Cannon Design office


Aqua Tower_Studio Gang


downtown Garmin store_Valerio DeWalt Train Architects


Lakeshore Drive Apartments_Mies van der Rohe


Lakeshore Drive Apartments_Mies van der Rohe


Poetry Foundation_John Ronan


Poetry Foundation_John Ronan


Poetry Foundation_John Ronan


Luminaire furniture store


Luminaire furniture store


Luminaire furniture store


Luminaire furniture store


Cultural Center


The Bean_Millenium Park


Robie House_Frank Lloyd Wright


Logan Center_Todd Williams and Billie Tsien


lighting at the Monadnock Building


and here is the video!

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