picked this up at the Salvation Army for $3, and fits perfectly!

thrifted this plain white tee at the Goodwill for $3 and painted it today, check back tomorrow for an outfit featuring this shirt!

and finally, the thrifting gods were so good to me today. not sure if these will end up as tank tops, but they are the perfect additions to my band tee collection.

FASHION_august favorites

1_im on the hunt for a camo jacket while im out thrifting that i can stud. but im loving this one by We are Declared Clothing 2_Urban Outfitters tee by Blood is the New Black 3_i NEED some black Creepers. i just need to find the right price. I suggest Amazon.com 4_i love this bandana tee from misbhv that i spotted on the Alice Point blog. I think it's prefect for a future DIY 5_Minnetonka Mocassins I'll probably shop around for a cheaper option, or pick some up at Last Chance. 6_i love this skull print blouse from Necessary Clothing. and at 15 dollars, i think it will be in my closet soon! 7_i had an eye ring like this that I bought in Italy, but unfortunately lost it in an airport (r.i.p). But this one from Empty Casket is almost better with the gold detail. 8_this skull knit from Nasty Gal is perfection. 9_i currently love both yin yangs and Jac Vanek clothing. this shirt, is the perfect combination of the two.

What are your August favorites? leave a comment to let me know!