Messy Hair Don't Care

IMG_9439 Although I cut them weeks ago, I'm finally embracing my bangs. I'm not sure if its because my days are getting busier and they are easier to style, or because I'm obsessed with this blogger babe lately, but I am loving the new look. This morning, I decided to embrace messy hair and roll out bed and into the city. To take my bedhead chic vibe one step further, I threw my fluffy jacket over the band tee I had slept in and was good to go. Laziness for the win!






I didn't bring back many fashion-related finds from Amsterdam, but I did pick up this cube ring at the Waterlooplein Flea Market. I have always wanted a ring like this so when I spotted one for a good price I decided to snag it! Since I am always working with my hands, I've just given up on bracelets because they are always in the way. Rings are my new love for this reason!

P.S. If you are ever in Amsterdam check out that flea market I mentioned. It is always there and haggling is commonplace as well, which is always fun. Thanks for reading today!

band tee // Goodwill fuzzy bomber jacket // New Yorker ripped skinnies // Monki, similar ankle boots // Shoebou, other options here + here cube ring // Amsterdam flea market, but love this one! midi ring // H&M, Copenhagen


Annoucement: I also am excited to share that I am now a contributing writer for Fashion Global! It is a collaborative site written by bloggers all over the world with articles about fashion, DIYs, beauty, interviews, designer profiles, and more! Go check out my first published post Sneaker Chic: A Case Study on Casual and thank you guys for your constant support! x. Paige