DIY_Crate Table

DSC_1234 Since I had already tackled my closet as part of my spring cleaning (see my video if you missed it), I had to move on to another part of my room.

I had plans for this entire quarter to build an elaborate table for my room, and even saved this piece of plywood, but time just never seemed to permit. But today when I finished my finals (!) it was the first thing I got done...but by a little faster route.


Like I said I had saved this piece of plywood for a while now. I got in from the shop yard of my school's wood shop--aka it was free. It's a great place for people like me. As for the crates, I first walked down to two antique shops next to my house looking for some cool vintage ones, but at $40 a pop, I passed. I picked up these two wooden crates at Michael's today instead and just set the wood on top. Easy. Done.


The reason I wanted open crates was so they could double as storage. Since I set my record player on top of the table, I stored my records in one of the crates which I really like the look of. I'm using the other one for my camera gear, which I need access to daily!


Remember the pipe and flange lampI made a while back? I wanted to display it on this table as well. However, I broke the lightbulb recently, so for now, its working as a great hat rack!


Finally, I set my long mirror on top of the table. This wasn't part of my original plan, but it now lets me see my full outfit without having to kneel down (a fashion bloggers dream!). It also adds some nice height to the space!

I hope you enjoyed this little storage DIY--I wanted to share it because its such a fast storage solution that also shows off your personality at the same time.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow with an outfit post to show you what I wore to dinner with my friends!

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DIY_Monogram Decoration

Today i'm sharing with you my Thanksgiving DIY project. Being home for the holiday, I wanted to create something festive. With items from Michael's, I created this monogram decoration that reminds me of something you might find at Anthropologie!

You will need:

a letter of your choice made of wood or cardboard a sprig of fake plants, i chose this mixture of green and red that was brushed with bronze paint a matching ribbon scissors a hot glue gun and glue sticks

Snip off individual leaves from your faux branch.

Begin attaching the leaves to the letter with the hot glue. Start on the inside curve and work your way outwards.

Continue gluing each leaf onto the letter. I completed the curved area first and then worked my way down the vertical portion.

After covering the entire letter, attach a ribbon to the back with the glue.

and here's my finished product! enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

DIY_Charm Holder Phone Case

I recently heard about these really cool charm holder phone cases. I love that they have edgy gold hardware and that the charms are interchangeable. However, I think that $118 is quite overpriced, so I set out to make my own! This project offers a lot of options to customize it to your style or the outfit you're wearing! Let's get to work!

Here's a quick list of the supplies you'll need to make your phone case. I picked up the gold bracket at the hardware store. I found the spike charm at Michael's (a set of about 8 was $1) and the skull charm was in the jewelry section at Target. Finally, you can pick any color or pattern of iPhone case that you'd like (i picked mine up at Target for $20). I chose one with a clear back--you'll see why!

step 1_first, disconnect the lobster clasp from the charm. step 2_connect the lobster clasp to a short piece of chain with a jump ring. connect the charm to the other end of the chain with another jump ring. use these two steps to make as many charms as you'd like. step 3_using a small amount of superglue, attach the hardware bracket to the back of the phone case. step 4_attach your charms to the loop on the bracket. also, remember how i talked about my phone case having a clear back? this gives me the fun option to transform the look of my phone case with a simple piece of paper. cut out paper templates that fit the inside of your phone case in different colors or patterns. you can change them out really easily to match your outfit or mood!

here's the final product! i am really happy with the outcome because the case and charms are very sturdy, and i think it is a great alternative to the inspiration image. i hope you enjoyed this DIY, feel free to leave any comments or questions on this post, or show me how your phone case turned out!