Dressing With Danish Simplicity

IMG_6621 I have noticed that my style is becoming much more simplified now that I am in København. Perhaps it is because I have been rather busy and running around the city most of the time, but I have also been paying attention to how the Danes dress with such style but also a certain amount of ease. When wearing this dress I would normally throw on my embellished combat boots and some spike jewelry, but today it just felt so much more chic to only wear a couple of delicate rings and a pair of sunnies. I think that this lack of fussiness also suits my lifestyle because I am always using my hands in studio, or taking lots of photos. I love how the Danish can pare something down to just its basic form to produce something so pleasing, and I think their fashion is no exception!






Today my friends and I figured we better knock off some touristy sights on our to-do list, so we visited Christiania, the Black Diamond Library, and Newhavn (New Harbor) to name a few. We were also on the hunt for the famous Little Mermaid statue but that proved to be pretty hard to find! I have been terrible about editing my footage this week, but I have filmed a ton starting from the first day and am hoping to compile weekly vlogs about my time in Europe. I will be sure to pass those along to you once the first one is posted!

Hej hej! (pronounced hi hi) which means Goodbye in Danish! x. Paige

dress // H&M Chicago
trainers // Urban Outfitters
bag // Gypsy Warrior
sunnies // Target
midi ring // H&M Copenhagen
plexiglass ring // laser cut by my friend Ariana

P.S. Congrats to the winner of the giveaway I hosted with Diamond Candles, Cindy A.! I will be emailing you shortly so that you can claim your prize! Thank you so much to everyone that entered, there was such a great response!

Submitted to IFB Project #113: Street Style Inspiration

Hints of Gold

IMG_5274 I don't know how I forgot about this skull-studded tunic top hiding in my closet! It's so summery and light, and paired perfectly with my handmade daisy trim shorts for a day at the office. Like I've said in the past, my office is pretty casual so I can get away with wearing an outfit like this. I paired up the combo with lots of gold pieces, and even added my pretty silver Duplika feather earrings to the look because there's a lot of different mixed metals going on in this outfit!








I hope you guys are having a busy + enjoyable week; in my mind, being busy is always a good thing. Right now I have work, my upcoming birthday trip, and getting ready to go abroad on my mind! It's exciting! Anyway, I am off to dinner with my dad. Thanks so much for reading! x. Paige

skull studded blouse // TJ Maxx

daisy trim shorts // DIY inspired by Lucky Brand, check out my tutorial!

gladiator sandals // Sam & Libby for Target

purse // Steve Madden for TJ Maxx

feather earrings // Duplika Handmade c/o

Casio watch // Amazon

yin yang ring // childhood

midi ring // Urban Outfitters

skull studs // Urban Outfitters



Over It All

IMG_5112 Today I was busy painting and checking things off of my to-do list, and overalls were the perfect utilitarian choice for getting work done! I picked these babies up at Goodwill last week (half off sale, ya!) and boy were they ugly. The denim was an awful, cheap looking wash. However when I got them home, I just cut them into shorts, bleached them a little, and then cuffed them and I was good to go! Today I wore them in a skater style with my favorite Vans snapback and high tops, but I also can't wait to wear them with a simple topknot and white tee.










One of the things on my to-do list today was adding new items to my Threadflip store! I listed 23 new items so go check it out, they are already selling fast! You can find my store here, or anytime on the righthand sidebar of my blog. Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope you had a great Saturday!

overalls // altered, Goodwill

rainbow skull tank // Urban Outfitters

hi-tops // Vans Sk8-Hi

snapback, similar // Vans

spike necklace // Forever 21

midi ring // Urban Outfitters

Girl On Fire

IMG_4986 A lot of the street style I've been admiring as of late has been from European cities and New York. These styles are, not surprisingly, very focused on neutrals. This influence as well as my transition into office attire has me wearing a lot more neutral outfits than usual. I'm not complaining, but for the summer season I think color is necessary. On this day I pulled out my DIY clutch that adds a statement to my outfit, but still stays professional with its hardware detailing.









After wearing this thrifted maxi skirt once before, I was torn between chopping off the interior lining, or just leaving it be. Well, I spotted my fabric scissors one day and that skirt had a new fate. I am so glad I cut it! I love that the lace detail shows now, adding so much more depth to my outfit.

geometric crop // local boutique

lace maxi skirt // altered, Goodwill Outlet

sandals // Steve Madden for TJ Maxx

hardware clutch // DIY, check out my tutorial 

studded belt // Forever 21

midi ring // Urban Outfitters

skull cuff // eBay