Life Lately || Volume 9

Despite this week being foggy and rainy, the anticipation of my vacation starting made it bearable. I'm officially on break for a week! And just in time too, because the sun has been shining all weekend long! This is our last travel break before the semester ends, but I've decided to stay in Copenhagen and enjoy this place that has become my home. I kicked off my break by exploring the city all day, doing some painting on the waterfront, and taking photos with my film camera. Later my friends came over for pizza + movies. Such a perfect day if you ask me! I'm so excited for my week off here. 

life lately 9.jpg

1// The other day I was super rushed, but when I spotted these cherry blossoms I had to hop off my bike and enjoy them for a moment. A little reminder to stop and smell the "roses!" 2// What I wore for a fancy Sunday. Make sure you watch my video on styling statement necklaces! 3// Getting my wallet stolen while traveling was a big pain, but buying a new bright one for spring makes it a little better 4// Shared a little flashback of one of my favorite band tee outfits that just screams America. I'm just a tad bit excited to go home soon! 

Links I'm Loving Lately:

  • I'm working on a secret creative project right now [can't wait to share!] and I stumbled across this ebook for creatives at the perfect time! I am planning on buying it today and will be sure to let you guys know how it is!
  • I think that this room makeover is the talk of the Internet this week. The color palette isn't something I'd typically be drawn to, but I think it is just perfection!
  • Now that I'm on staycation, I want to use some of my free time this week to cook up some fun recipes for myself. Last night I made stir fry, and next I wanna try out these Sweet & Salty Banana Chips so I can snack healthily! 

How are you welcoming spring? Leave a comment below and share with me! x, Paige

Fall Fashion Haul // Europe Edition!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.10.39 AM Here is a new video for you babes of some of the things I have picked up either in Copenhagen, my travels, or online! Below I have linked all of the products and hunted for similar pieces if I couldn't find an exact match online. I hope you enjoy the video, and don't forget to subscribe! What have you picked up recently? x. Paige


1 // Fuzzy jacket, similar here and here

2 // Shoebou ankle boots

3 // H&M skater dress, similar here and here

4 // Monki high waisted ripped jeans, similar

5 // Plus sign print tank--can't find anything similar, sorry!

6 // Landscape dress, no longer available but check out these similar prints here and here

7 // Silver cube ring, similar here and here

Messy Hair Don't Care

IMG_9439 Although I cut them weeks ago, I'm finally embracing my bangs. I'm not sure if its because my days are getting busier and they are easier to style, or because I'm obsessed with this blogger babe lately, but I am loving the new look. This morning, I decided to embrace messy hair and roll out bed and into the city. To take my bedhead chic vibe one step further, I threw my fluffy jacket over the band tee I had slept in and was good to go. Laziness for the win!






I didn't bring back many fashion-related finds from Amsterdam, but I did pick up this cube ring at the Waterlooplein Flea Market. I have always wanted a ring like this so when I spotted one for a good price I decided to snag it! Since I am always working with my hands, I've just given up on bracelets because they are always in the way. Rings are my new love for this reason!

P.S. If you are ever in Amsterdam check out that flea market I mentioned. It is always there and haggling is commonplace as well, which is always fun. Thanks for reading today!

band tee // Goodwill fuzzy bomber jacket // New Yorker ripped skinnies // Monki, similar ankle boots // Shoebou, other options here + here cube ring // Amsterdam flea market, but love this one! midi ring // H&M, Copenhagen


Annoucement: I also am excited to share that I am now a contributing writer for Fashion Global! It is a collaborative site written by bloggers all over the world with articles about fashion, DIYs, beauty, interviews, designer profiles, and more! Go check out my first published post Sneaker Chic: A Case Study on Casual and thank you guys for your constant support! x. Paige


Plaid + Mesh in the Swiss Alps

IMG_8192 Hi loves! I have a final look from my recent trip to share with you today! Like I said, I'm never too fussy with my travel outfits. Since I keep it simple though, I like to mix textures for a little interest, like layering a cozy flannel over this sporty mesh top. I was also so excited for the chance to wear shorts again, and layered them over tights for when it would get colder by nighttime.

On this morning, we were packing up in Vals, Switzerland to hop over to Germany. I love that traveling within Europe to other countries is so easy. We spent part of the day driving through the Swiss Alps and it was probably the most gorgeous landscape I have ever seen. Absolutely incredible. I think tomorrow I will get a post up with the best shots from the trip so that you can be a part of the fun. Wish you were here!




Therme Vals, designed by Peter Zumthor




By the way, this flannel I picked up at Monki (p.s. new favorite store) is one of my new favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I never realized that all of my flannels are typically red-based, and having a green/blue one feels so much more versatile to me. I have so many outfit ideas to wear it with, like with leather pants or a black velvet dress. I will try to wear it this week and show you another way to style it! xx. Paige

flannel // Monki, Copenhagen mesh top // H&M vintage Levi's // eBay tights // H&M, Copenhagen combat boots // Steve Madden