Noveau Punk

IMG_8840 When I first saw this Zara shirt, I had to have it. I love that is says "noveau punk" because it is of course part of my blog name, but I also think it speaks about my personal style. Back when punk rock was founded, it was all about the mohawk, Doc Martens, and being completely covered in spikes head to toe. These days, I like to think I take the punk influence and incorporate it into my wardrobe in a subtle, noveau way. But you'll never catch me without a stud or spike somewhere in my outfit!







On this day in Copenhagen I chose to incorporate some of my favorite aspects of punk style [leather, flannel, + harness details] into a modern city outfit. While it is a quite polished look, I think that the oversized flannel is the perfect grungy touch to keep the edgy vibe going strong. x. Paige

flannel // Monki graphic tee // Zara heeled boots // DinSko, Sweden bag // Gypsy Warrior bird ring // Fashion Hunters Flea Market, Copenhagen