Ahh!! Today's the day! I'm finally releasing my new colorful watercolor collection, Technicolor Botanical

I hand-painted 9 rainbow cacti in my studio, inspired by the Arizona desert and my favorite thing...rainbows! 

I am very excited to offer the framed originals, as well as prints. I know that I like to receive my artwork ready to hang, so I LOVE having framed pieces available in my shop. 

I feel so passionate about this collection. It's really a true extension of the way my brain looks. You know you're proud of something when you have trouble letting go of the paintings, HA! 

As always, thank you so much for supporting my artwork + creativity. I love being able to create pieces for you to receive + enjoy! 

Sending positive + creative vibes your way!

Salt City Painting Video + Contest

Hey friends! 

I've been busy painting a ton of new custom decks lately, but one is extra special, because it involves you guys! 

I designed + painted this monster theme deck for a rad apparel brand called Salt City Emporium! All of their clothing graphics are hand-illustrated, so it was a perfect match!


We have teamed up and are running a #SALTYSK8 contest for a custom deck! If you know a child under 7, submit their artwork on Instagram for a chance to win. You can learn more in my Instagram post!

 Even if you don't know a little one to enter the contest, I hope you'll enjoy my latest skateboard painting video!

You guys know how much I *love* making these behind-the-scenes videos, so thank you for watching and following along!

Inspired Creative #2

Hey guys! Today I'm excited to share my weekly batch of links with you that have inspired me recently! 

I'm getting busier with school as the quarter goes on, so I like to find artistic inspiration online when I can to keep me fueled in both business and academics, and hopefully one (or more!) of these links will stand out to you too! 

Okay guys, that's all I've got for now and it's time for me to get back to work on my latest school project.

I hope you enjoyed these links! If you loved this post, shoot me a tweet @PaigePoppe to let me know!

Skateboard Deck // Cartoon Mountain

Adventure Time Mountain I finally have some new custom art to share with you all! It has been a while. I was busy focusing on school and other projects like canvas and guitar pickguards, and haven't had a custom deck to work on since March. But now I have this super playful one to share with you, enjoy! P.S. This one's headed out to excited to be sending these out internationally!!


This client wanted this deck as a gift for her boyfriend. She had a lot of various components she wanted to incorporate into the board, and it was important that I worked them into a cohesive composition. I approached this piece the same way I approached this past deck. Since one of the client's big ideas was to have the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and the Adventure Time characters snowboarding, I decided to do a mountain scene and then do my best to tie in the other elements.


Another request was to have a sloth with a gangster chain reading "Sloth Life." I incorporated this humorous element into the scene by hanging him from a tree that was in the background.




Another little touch was the client's request for Fireball to be held by Jack Skellington while he snowboarded. I threw that in, but also didn't want it to be a lone element, so I had some buried in the snow at the base of the mountain as if it was waiting for Jack at the end of his run.


Along the way, it is somehow become a tradition that I always take one photo of a finished deck. At first it was an accident, but when I noticed it happening after the completion of a few decks, I decided to continue. It is a fun way to see where I was at the time each one was painted and what I was wearing at the time.

Thank you so much for checking out my work! If you are interested in a custom deck, check out my listing for one. You can also check out any of the deck designs in my Etsy shop, or any of my past art.