Merry Christmas from me to you!

Wanted to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas, or a happy holiday season if we celebrate something different :) 

After cooking + baking this morning, I spent the afternoon painting watercolors at my desk. I created a few pieces that I've had in the back of my mind, and also some mindless pieces that just feel good to create. 

merry christmas watercolor.jpg

To me, part of the season is spending time to relax + reflect. I am looking forward to lazier days, painting pieces that will come to life in the new year, and finish a couple larger commissions. It will be great to fully commit my mind to these pieces, and welcome 2016. 

Here you can see a page in my sketchbook while working at my home desk this morning. I enjoyed coffee in one of my new hand painted mugs (available in my shop soon!) and I just love the sparkling little tree in the background. 

Anyway, you guys know I am big into goal-setting, so I look forward to sharing my 2015 goals, how the year progressed (better than I ever imagined!) and what I have on the horizon for new years resolutions! 

Thank you so much for reading this blog + for a wonderful year of business! I am very grateful for you. Have a relaxing day! 

DIY_Craft Foam Stamped Top

DSC_0106 It's no secret that stamped tees have been circulating the blogosphere, and I wanted to make my own. This top is great because you have the freedom to make any design you want by making the stamps yourself out of craft foam! It's also very inexpensive because foam costs less than 70 cents and my fabric paint was $1.59. Enjoy!


The supplies you will need are: a shirt (mine was $5 at Wal-Mart), some fabric paint, craft foam, scissors, a paper plate, adhesive/glue, a pen, and a paintbrush (optional)


Begin by cutting your desired shape out of the craft foam. Mine was a triangle in two different sizes. After cutting one shape, trace it onto the craft foam twice and create two more identical shapes.


Stack and adhere the three identical shapes together with some glue or sticky squares like I did because I couldn't find any glue...


Attach the stack to a square piece of craft foam to create the stamp. Spread the fabric paint onto the paper plate and dip your stamp into the paint. Make sure you have even coverage.


Begin stamping your desired pattern onto the shirt. I alternated between the two sizes, and had the triangles pointing both up and down. I also created sets of two or three triangles for variation.


You can also go in with a paintbrush if your stamp didn't create a completely filled in triangle shape, and just touch up the design a little.


And here's the finished printed shirt! I'm really pleased with this top and it was very inexpensive. This is a good way to spice up a basic top while still keeping it as a neutral.

Check back a later tomorrow when I feature this top in my outfit of the day post!

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picked this up at the Salvation Army for $3, and fits perfectly!

thrifted this plain white tee at the Goodwill for $3 and painted it today, check back tomorrow for an outfit featuring this shirt!

and finally, the thrifting gods were so good to me today. not sure if these will end up as tank tops, but they are the perfect additions to my band tee collection.