My Photo Styling Advice in the PhotoPop! Guidebook

If you are like most creatives, you are constantly striving to take better photos of your creative work to share with the world online + on social media. 

I know I am always trying to improve the quality + styling of my photos, and also try to find tools and methods that make the process easier + quicker. Plus...I think that it becomes a fun hobby once your practice your photography for a while! 

I was honored when my friend Theresa Delaney asked me to contributed to the PhotoPop! Guidebook, an amazing resource for photography + styling tips, in ebook form.

I took the above photo over the summer (with my iPhone!), at a workshop that Theresa, photo stylist Susana Starbuck, and I co-hosted in Tucson. They taught photo styling while I taught acrylic painting. It was so cool to overhear their advice, and see the creative biz owners break off afterwards to use their new skills and start practicing by taking photos.

I contributed my knowledge to the "Elements of Art" chapter of the guidebook...fitting right?! I shared my best advice about applying visual + artistic principles to photo styling. You can see some more examples of my flat-lay photography below. 

Besides my advice, there is also knowledge from over 30 professional photographers and stylists, branding experts, social media mavens, accomplished bloggers, and successful shop owners. I am proud to call some of these women my online + offline friends, and know that the tips they've shared are really valuable and have helped grow their businesses!

If you are a blogger, business owner, Youtuber....or just anyone with an online presence really! I think the Guidebook is an excellent tool for improving your photography. I have been reading through the ebook and am just blown away by how many pages of great advice there are. I know I'll be learning quite a bit, even though I'm pretty confident with my product photography.

You can get The PhotoPop! Guidebook right here + start applying the skills to create photography that sells! I am really proud to share this ebook with you because I have contributed to it and know the value. If you have any questions about this resource, please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you. 

Sending all the positive + creative vibes  your way!