Asia Shoots, Paige Paints: Part 1

On yesterday's episode of our podcast, Asia and I were talking about the importance of creative friendships, and the projects here and I have collaborated on together. I mentioned this series which we cleverly called "#AsiaShootsPaigePaints" where I painted on top of photos from the first time Asia photographed me, our trip to Pirates Cove, and some other outdoor portraits.

While recording I realized I never shared all of these images, except for a couple here and there on Instagram! So it was finally time to post the collection. 

Stay tuned for a future blog post, where I'll share the photos of Asia that I painted on top of, of course with a blue/purple color scheme because that is so her. 


Terrace Hill at sunset, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.53.58 PM.png

The Ranch, San Luis Obispo, CA


Pirates Cove beach, San Luis Obispo, CA

It feels good to relive these fun memories with Asia behind the camera + finally share them here! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing another way that she and I have collaborated, and I will be sure to share the photos of Asia in the future! 

Sending all the positive + creative vibes your way!

Prague Photo Diary

IMG_8864 I highly recommend Prague in the fall. Although it was a very touristy place, the changing leaves were gorgeous and it was super warm for October. My friends and I had a great time walking all around the city and checking out the sites. The city is one of the easiest to navigate that I have come across in my travels so far, and you can do so completely on foot. The food was also delicious + cheap, which is always a plus for college students bumming around in hostels! Definitely a must-see for 2 or 3 days if you find yourself on a Eurotrip!









Interested in more photos of Prague? Check out my latest outfit post in Prague, and stay tuned for another tomorrow! I'll also be sharing my recommendations of each city I've visited soon!

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you had a great Halloween! x. Paige

Instagram Lately

While I'm away in Amsterdam, I thought I would keep up with you guys by doing another Insta-recap of a few things I've been framing lately in Copenhagen, enjoy! insta roundup1

Clockwise, starting from top left

// Picked up the Cheap Monday logo tee I've always wanted for 6 bucks at a store called WEEKDAY that I really like!

// Local street style I spotted in the Nørrebro neighborhood on a rainy day. I love her chunky cardigan.

// A look inside David Ritter's furniture studio, also in Nørrebro. If you missed his interview on the blog, you can check it out here!

// Fall is in your face in Copenhagen because the changing leaves are everywhere and so pretty. This was during my urban journaling class where we were mapping our bike route.

insta roundup2

Clockwise, starting from top left

// Dreaming of all the beautiful landscapes on my recent study tour, like this one of sunflowers + the Alps taken in Austria.

// As amazing as study abroad is, the one bad part is missing my family and friends at home. For "throwback Thursday" [might be the first time I've ever posted a #tbt] I was remembering the trip to Huntington Beach with Jake and Jamie.

// Have you ever tried Stamen Maps before? I made these 2 watercolor versions of my upcoming destinations on the site. It's an awesome resource!

// Biking is one of my favorite parts of living in Copenhagen, which is pretty clear considering I post bike photos on the reg.

Well guys that's all I had to catch up on with you for now, thanks for stopping by! I'm currently having a great time in Amsterdam and can't wait to share photos and stories with you soon! Keep up with me on Instagram too of course @punkrockparti

x. Paige

Snapshots of the Week

It's time again for my weekly photo series, a selection of the best 8! All of these snapshots are from last weekend's study trip to Western Denmark. We visited Århus, Kolding, and Ebeltoft, visiting various museums, parks, and architectural sites. The trip was a good mix of nature, city, and art which was so fun! Check out my picks below: IMG_7095

// View of a main street in Århus, from the top of the city council's bell tower.


// An amazing temporary installation for a festival in Århus. The public spaces designed in Denmark are all so successful and interesting.


// Heavenly chairs at the Trapholt Museum.


// The interior of this castle, Koldinghus in Kolding, Denmark, was incredible. A portion of it was renovated in the 1970's, resulting in the wood structure and red painted framework you see here. Every detail was flawless.


// Art trio at the Sorø Kunstmuseum. I think this would be a quick and clever DIY!

// Pretty + trippy window reflections in Ebeltoft.


// A breath of fresh air at the Århus University grounds, where we sketched for a while.


// Inside Olafur Eliasson's "Rainbow Room" at the ARos Århus Kunstmuseum. Panoramic views of the city in technicolor, what's not to love?

I hope that you enjoyed this little peek into my week! I will be doing a full post on the ARos Kustmuseum that showcases not only the art, but my outfits as well--so stay tuned in future posts for that. I hope that you all have a safe + fun weekend! I will mostly be in studio finishing a project due Monday, so I'll be around ;] Thanks so much for stopping by! x. Paige