Happy 1st Birthday to Punkrockparti!

intro It snuck up on me, but we recently celebrated the first birthday of Punkrockparti.com! The actual anniversary date was August 26th, so while I am a bit belated [okay a month], I wanted to take this opportunity to take a look back at what has been shared in this space over the past year.

330+ posts have taught me about photography, Photoshop, styling, business, and social media--while also being an amazing hobby and creative outlet! It also allowed me to work with some great companies, and all couldn't have gone so smoothly without my friends and family to help me with photos + projects + advice along the way. I hope that you will join me in looking back at these favorite posts from each month, from a very exciting and busy year! Enjoy.

august August 2012

In August of 2012, I was thrilled to have finally plunged into the blogging world, and my DIY projects reflected that. My DIY Plaid Studded Blazer, inspired by an Urban Outfitters Urban Reformation piece, is one of my most popular tutorial posts to date.

In this month I also made 2 other custom jackets, a men's patched denim vest, and a studded black one for myself.

dsc_0502 September 2012

By September, I was starting my third year of college and had just moved into a new house with four of my amazing friends. In this month, I was trying to make my room feel like home. This Gold Skull Decor became a statement piece in my space.

In this month, I also experimented with how to Style One Piece 4 Ways, and made some edgy school supplies.

screen-shot-2012-10-17-at-12-11-46-am October 2012

October was a rewarding month because myself and my blog were featured in a school publication and I had started to gain a real rhythm in blogging. Posting every day kept me sane when I was busy in studio with my latest project.

In this month, I experimented with more vintage pieces in my outfits, like this velvet LBD and a new staple, the Iron Maiden muscle tank. [But seriously, I've probably worn that baby about 100 times since scoring it off eBay...]

img_8621 November 2012

By November, more of my vintage dreams were fulfilled when I took a road trip with my best friends to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. This image is from the first outfit I ever featured them in, which later ended up on the Urban Outfitters home page! I kinda still can't believe that happened...

Colder weather in this month also resulted in playing with aztec prints in my looks, like this oversized studded sweater, and a cozy flannel.

dsc_1223 December 2012

Time off from school in December meant I had time to focus on my non-school-related creative outlets. I added a lot of items to my Etsy shop. A fun one was this line of skull tees, constructed from thrifted fabrics.

Also added to the shop that month were custom painted guitar pick guards, and a painted skateboard deck as well.

dsc_06781 January 2013

By January, a new year also meant new hair apparently. I became a red head for a while [that was weird] and it brought out an even edgier side in my outfits.

In this month, I kept up my home renovations with projects like this pegboard jewelry organizer and a lasercut plexiglass chandelier!

dsc_0851 February 2013

In February, my hair had changed yet again, and I was mostly posting about what I was wearing because I finally had gotten the hang of taking my own outfit photos [still need to do a post dedicated to that topic]. I think actually all of the outfits from this month were captured with the help of my tripod and remote. It taught me a lot about photography, and I still do it myself sometimes to this day!

I still managed to get a few skateboards done this month on top of that though. They were two fun ones: a godzilla-inspired kitten painting, and my own personal coffin deck.

dsc_12301 March 2013

In March, I was lucky enough to have a busy paintbrush. I was getting a lot of skateboard commissions and my work was well received. This board, inspired by album artwork for the band Guster, really pushed me out of my comfort zone, away from my typical black outlined work.

This month was also great because I started meeting friends in the real world from the blogging world, and could finally record DIY's in HD thanks to my new DSLR!

20130419-200844-1 April 2013

April was experimental. I started editing my outfit photos more frequently. First on iPhone apps [because I preferred the filters] and later in Photoshop as I learned new tips + tricks.

I also faced the cold weather that month with an inspirational architecture studio trip to Chicago, and then embraced the California sun once I returned in some >rooftop outfit posts.

img_1755 May 2013

May was a good shopping month, and resulted in a lot of awesome finds. My favorite has to be this camo UNIF jacket featured above. Some of my other scores that month were from the Goodwill Outlet, whose gloriousness took me far too long to discover.

img_3573 June 2013

June of this year meant summer! I was back in AZ and wearing nothing but shorts like it was nobody's business. I acquired a bunch of new pairs that month, and one of my favorite looks above styled this white studded pair.

The only bad part of the month was saying goodbye to California and my roommates for a while, and moving out of my house. Since I was leaving for Europe in August, I knew I wouldn't see them for a long time. To cope, I created this large DIY chalkboard for them and also set some summer goals. [Which by the way, I will be revisiting in a future post!]

img_4275 July 2013

In July, I had landed a new internship which meant wearing some more professional outfits around town.

I also started to include more of a relationship to architecture on my blog; not only in outfit backgrounds, but also sharing more of my work like this sectional model. This was an exciting turning point for me because I felt that relating my two worlds of fashion and architecture had finally started happening harmoniously on Punkrockparti.

img_6621 August 2013

August was, of course, exciting! I packed my bags for a year abroad to study architecture in Copenhagen. It was scary and hard to leave behind my loved ones, but the sacrifices have been worth it. I am enjoying every moment and cannot wait to see what this year brings. One thing is for sure, it provides some pretty amazing outfit backgrounds, am I right?!

And finally, we have arrived at the one year mark for my young blog. It may have only been around for 12 months, but creating this post has been a fun yet nostalgic look back into the past year. I want to thank you for being part of this journey, no matter if you have followed from the beginning, or are just joining in on the fun. This blog was something I started for myself, but having others contribute and chime in has made this experience that much more enriching!

Here is to another great year of Punkrockparti.com! I cannot wait to see what is in store. As always, thank you for reading. x, Paige.


Skateboard Deck // Cartoon Mountain

Adventure Time Mountain I finally have some new custom art to share with you all! It has been a while. I was busy focusing on school and other projects like canvas and guitar pickguards, and haven't had a custom deck to work on since March. But now I have this super playful one to share with you, enjoy! P.S. This one's headed out to Australia...so excited to be sending these out internationally!!


This client wanted this deck as a gift for her boyfriend. She had a lot of various components she wanted to incorporate into the board, and it was important that I worked them into a cohesive composition. I approached this piece the same way I approached this past deck. Since one of the client's big ideas was to have the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and the Adventure Time characters snowboarding, I decided to do a mountain scene and then do my best to tie in the other elements.


Another request was to have a sloth with a gangster chain reading "Sloth Life." I incorporated this humorous element into the scene by hanging him from a tree that was in the background.




Another little touch was the client's request for Fireball to be held by Jack Skellington while he snowboarded. I threw that in, but also didn't want it to be a lone element, so I had some buried in the snow at the base of the mountain as if it was waiting for Jack at the end of his run.


Along the way, it is somehow become a tradition that I always take one photo of a finished deck. At first it was an accident, but when I noticed it happening after the completion of a few decks, I decided to continue. It is a fun way to see where I was at the time each one was painted and what I was wearing at the time.

Thank you so much for checking out my work! If you are interested in a custom deck, check out my listing for one. You can also check out any of the deck designs in my Etsy shop, or any of my past art.

Copenhagen Must-Haves!

In a little over a month I am packing my bags for a school year abroad in Copenhagen! As big as my closet is, this Arizona girl is lacking clothes fit for cold and rainy weather. These are some of the pieces I have my eye on to keep me warm and prepared, but also stylish while abroad: Copenhagen Must Haves with text

American Apparel Disco Pants // will go with anything and hello thick material to keep me warm! North Face Backpack // I need a huge hands free carryall for short trips around Europe Dot Grid Journal // you can bet I'll be packing a bunch of sketchbooks, and I have my eye on this one Drop Dead Jacket // I'm on the hunt for visually interesting jackets to avoid being in solid black Gold Chain Necklace // Need one of these babies to throw on with the disco pants and a sweater Unif Hellraisers // It's no secret I love black loafers, and I'm ready upgrade to a spiky pair Pilot Varsity Ink Pen // These are my favorite sketching pens; I want to stock up and bring a bunch Clear Heeled Rain Boots // Amazingly minimal for rainy days in Copenhagen...but sold out ugh!

I'm excited to get to Copenhagen, and the chance to pick up a few great new pieces. I hope you'll join me in preparation for my big trip! Thanks for reading! x

ART_"Guster" Skateboard Deck

DSC_1230 I have another music inspired deck to share with you today! After working with a client on this board, she asked me to paint another board for her and of course I said yes. This time she wanted me to reinterpret the album cover of Lost and Gone Forever by Guster. She asked for me to just focus on the main boy and also paint him in stencil style similar to Banksy.

I also wanted to share more of my process with you today. I started by playing around with the album cover in Photoshop, and ended up with this.

guster album arrt

For the rest of the painting process, you can watch this quick iPhone video I made featuring music from the album. Otherwise, there are more detail photos below!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmZOj0CwAB4&w=420&h=315]





If you are interested in a custom skate deck or purchasing any of my art, you can check out my Etsy shop or see any of my past work here. Thanks for checking out my work!

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