The Day Planner I Use to Stay Focused on My Business

In September of last year, I switched to a new planner after using the Day Designer for almost a year. 

The Day Designer was crucial for my goal setting in the beginning months of my business as an artist, but I felt that it was time for a change. Enter: The Mon Cahier Journal by Poketo. 

This planner has been so useful to me because I can stick it in my purse and take it on the go. My business doesn't only exist at my desk. I am often working at coffee shops, meeting with clients, or painting in a home or retail space. This planner has suited me so well for keeping track of my work on the go. 

Click below to watch my updated planner video:

Like I said in the video, I'll actually be switching planners again. I am a firm believer that you need to set up a system to work for your needs, so that's what I'm pursuing by switching to an A5 planner. It will allow me to have more functionality by adding custom pages + carry around more supplies like pens and stickers. I will be sure to film a video of that set up once I get it in the mail!

Thanks so much for watching!