Underground Runway

IMG_7526 Well, it's finally starting to get cold here in København, so it was time to bring out the disco pants today! I have enjoyed the warm weather here so much, but I honestly didn't expect it to be so hot here so the wardrobe I packed was a little unsuited for this first month. Now that I can utilize my heavier pieces, I'm getting more excited about having more outfit options. Cold weather, however, also means a lot of rain. The rain ended up forcing us into the underground metro to take these photos and as I was sitting here editing I had the coolest thought. What if there was a runway fashion show in a city's metro station, under the city. I think that would be such a cool setting! Just an idea...






Today was my first studio presentation of the year so I chose this collared shirt this morning before heading out to add some professionalism. I think you can get away with something as grungy as Doc Martens as long as you maintain a certain level of polish with the rest of the look. After class my friends and I popped into H&M (which we do far too often...) and I picked up this statement necklace and wore it out of the store. I felt like my outfit called for just one more detail!

What do you wear when you have a big presentation? x. Paige

blouse // Fashion Q disco pants // American Apparel vintage boots // Doc Martens from Rose Bowl Flea Market double strand necklace // H&M Copenhagen midi rings // H&M Copenhagen

photos by Elsa Brown