Desert Casual

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Most days of the week, I wake up and go to the gym with my bestie, and then head to my studio to work on new skateboard paintings. So I don't exactly need to get dressed up every day. As you guys know, the "pajama short" is one of my favorite trends right now. I paired mine with a bunch of neutral pieces, and the different metal tones add in a little chic touch to an otherwise super simple look! 

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IMG_0681 copy.jpg
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Tee: Zara | Shorts: The Minted Exchange | Sandals: Target | Purse: ALDO | Necklace: Forever 21 | Peace ring: Lucky Brand [similar style] | Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam 

P.S. I was playing around with my paints and did this little henna-inspired design on my hand. It was for a product photo, but I kind of love the way it looks! 

Thanks so much for reading babes! I hope you have a killer weekend :)

My Last Week in Denmark - Life Lately

So it feels so weird to write this, but this was my last week in Denmark. This morning I headed to the airport with my multiple suitcases [yikes] and am now on my way home to Arizona! I am definitely excited to go home, but Copenhagen has also become a home to me. Friday was the most perfect day spent biking + relaxing with friends, and those are the times that make it most hard to leave. Here's a peek at my final fun times in Copenhagen:

life lately 14.jpg

1// This week I announced I am launching my own skateboard brand, Studio Skate. Exciting stuff! Thank you guys for supporting on Kickstarter so far, and if you haven't checked it out yet you can here! 2// Here's a shot of the beautiful day I had with my friends on Friday! We took [multiple] naps in the sun, cooked some hot dogs, and enjoyed the awesome shore scenery 3// This was a little throwback pic I shared on Instagram this week that has me dreaming of summer! It will be fun to wear some more color now that I'm back in the states 4// This week I had the pleasure of meeting Parfa Crew, an awesome skateboard brand here in Copenhagen. Check out their rad gear and you will be hearing more about them in the future!

I am getting in to Phoenix late tonight, and I'm sure jet lag will be a struggle...So, if you guys are looking for new posts, just hang tight! I might need a few days to catch up on sleep + also catch up with my family and friends! I will still be posting on Instagram though, so make sure you keep up with me there @punkrockparti! x, Paige

Skateboard Deck // Cartoon Mountain

Adventure Time Mountain I finally have some new custom art to share with you all! It has been a while. I was busy focusing on school and other projects like canvas and guitar pickguards, and haven't had a custom deck to work on since March. But now I have this super playful one to share with you, enjoy! P.S. This one's headed out to excited to be sending these out internationally!!


This client wanted this deck as a gift for her boyfriend. She had a lot of various components she wanted to incorporate into the board, and it was important that I worked them into a cohesive composition. I approached this piece the same way I approached this past deck. Since one of the client's big ideas was to have the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and the Adventure Time characters snowboarding, I decided to do a mountain scene and then do my best to tie in the other elements.


Another request was to have a sloth with a gangster chain reading "Sloth Life." I incorporated this humorous element into the scene by hanging him from a tree that was in the background.




Another little touch was the client's request for Fireball to be held by Jack Skellington while he snowboarded. I threw that in, but also didn't want it to be a lone element, so I had some buried in the snow at the base of the mountain as if it was waiting for Jack at the end of his run.


Along the way, it is somehow become a tradition that I always take one photo of a finished deck. At first it was an accident, but when I noticed it happening after the completion of a few decks, I decided to continue. It is a fun way to see where I was at the time each one was painted and what I was wearing at the time.

Thank you so much for checking out my work! If you are interested in a custom deck, check out my listing for one. You can also check out any of the deck designs in my Etsy shop, or any of my past art.