Be Bold!


These leggings have been sitting in the bottom of my drawer the entire time I have been living in Copenhagen, so I really needed to take them out for a spin! When I wear leggings, I like to wear a longer top that covers them a bit, and I think I was hesitant because I didn't have a long black top to pair them with. Problem solved though, I just turned one of my fav graphic tanks inside out. A little silly, I know, but I don't think anyone really noticed so I was good to go! 


This outfit is all about the statement necklace + leggings, but one of my favorite accessories has become a red lip. A few months ago I would have never paired a bold lip color with an already bold outfit, but now I can't imagine the look without it! It just completes the outfit in my opinion. This shade was also my first MAC lipstick purchase, and after using it non-stop lately, I'm officially hooked on their lip products. If you have any shade recommendations for my next purchase I'd love to hear them! x, Paige. 

Leather Jacket // H&M [similar]

Muscle Tank // Unif, inside out [similar]

Cathedral leggings // Macy's [similar]

Boots // Doc Martens

Beanie // Carhartt

Necklace // H&M [similar]

Lipstick // MAC

Photos by Elsa Brown