DIY_Patched Denim Jacket + Video

DIY INTRO Today I've got a classic DIY project for you, a patched denim jacket. While you may know how to sew on a patch, I wanted to share the little patch collection I've been building for a few months now, and how my final product turned out! I was also wanting to play around with my new camera now that I could record HD video, and this seemed to be the perfect project to start with! Check out my video, or see the photos of my jacket below!



yin yang patch_local record store american flag patch_came with camo jacket Rancid patch_Amoeba records Amoeba patch_Amoeba records daisy chain patch_local craft store


I picked up this jacket over the summer at Goodwill. You may remember it from this outfit post!

Thanks so much for reading! I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post wearing my jacket!

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DIY_Leather + Vinyl Clutch

Today I am finally sharing with you the DIY for the leather + vinyl clutch I wore in one of my recents outfit posts (see it here!). I was inspired by this clutch, and wanted to make my own. This is a very simple project with a great final product, so try it out!

1_Purchase some clear vinyl and black faux leather. I got mine at my local craft store. As for the vinyl, try to get one with a decent weight to it, so that it provides a little structure to the clutch

2_Create a pattern out of printer paper. I first used a standard 8.5" x 11" to be the size of the pouch. I then cut another sheet of paper into a point, to resemble an envelope. You have freedom to create as long or short of a flap as you'd like. Tape these two pieces together and cut the shape out of the black faux leather. As for the clear vinyl, just cut out a piece the size of an 8.5" x 11" sheet.

3_Here is what the two fabric shapes should look like

4_By this step, I have hand stitched the two pieces together. I attempted to machine stitch this, but was pretty unsuccessful. Hand sewing got the job done, but I would like to try and find a method in the future that is a little cleaner looking.

Purchase a snap and follow the instructions according to the package to attach it to the clutch. You will probably need a hammer to attach it onto the fabric.

Also at this step, I have cut a piece of cardboard that fits inside the clear part of the clutch. This is going to give the clutch structure, because it is quite flimsy without it.

Cut a piece of your faux leather and wrap it around the clutch. Attach with hot or tacky glue.

Insert this piece into the clutch with the leather side out. It will blend right in!

And here is the final product! Get previews of all of my DIY's by following along on my Instagram, @punkrockparti


DIY_Daisy Trim Shorts

hey everyone! once again i was browsing the trim aisle at the craft store and found something that i really loved. i know that summer is coming to an end, but since i still have a little bit of warm weather left and the beach near by, i figured i would make these while i had the chance! i was inspired by a pair of Lucky Brand shorts that i saw earlier in the summer (photo) that retailed for $79. if you look closely, you can see that this is the exact same daisy trim that i'm using...score. the pair of shorts that i decided to use also happened to be a pair of Lucky Brand that my friend gave to me (double score) so i'm basically getting the real deal for a little over 4 dollars!

1_gather: a pair of cutoff denim, some white thread, daisy trim, a needle, and some scissors. 2_here's the before image of my shorts 3_the pink X's that i've drawn on this image show where you should stitch. stitch each petal that goes horizontal across the shorts. i wouldn't worry about the petals on the top and bottom. 4_continue stitching each petal around the shorts until you have trimmed the entire leg.

and i'm finished! if you're patient the end result is really professional looking and cute. i spent about an hour and a half sewing these on, but it was worth it!

check back in the next few days to see how i'll style these!

finally, feel free to leave comments or questions, and also email or tweet me pics of the DIY projects you've done! xo, paige.