London, so far...

If you follow me on Instagram [@punkrockparti] you'd know I just spent 4 days in London! I covered lots of miles on foot + with The Underground, and wanted to share my first set of adventures. These are all on iPhone but I hope to share some more in a sequel post later in the week. The first 3 days were solid rainy days, so I was a bit afraid to pull out my DSLR on days like that. But on Wednesday I met up with my friend Steph who studies abroad in Florence, and we got lucky with a bit of sunshine for our day of adventures! I was more snap-happy and got an outfit post in that I'll share tomorrow. Enjoy! IMG_9188

// Stumbled across this awesome waterfront view walking around my first night in the city.




// London's Underground is super efficient and easy to use. I love how colorful and artsy underground transport systems can be compared to Copenhagen, which has very stark walls + design. Also, the system was so similar to Paris'! Almost totally identical in my opinion.



// Of course I also had to get some shopping in while I was in London. It was especially exciting for me because one of the ways I got interested in fashion blogging was from watching British Youtube gurus talk about all of the street style there. There were so many stores I hadn't been to before like Primark + River Island!

Since my suitcase is currently packed to the brim, I only picked up 2 pieces. This amazing asymmetrical vinyl midi skirt and a cute necklace from Forever 21 [which I haven't been to since I was in the states ahh!]



// The Tower Bridge



// I loved the design of the Tate Modern art museum. I think that this building along with the Pompidou have been 2 of my favorite architectural visits so far this year.


// Cool public skatepark near the London Eye ferris wheel, in Southbank.



// Finally, I really enjoyed London at night because it was still lively on the streets and most of the Christmas lights were still up until the new year!

That's all for today guys! Like I said, I'll be back tomorrow with a London outfit post. Crazy I know, but I'm actually blogging from Madrid right now! More on that soon as well. x, Paige.