ART_Skull Coffin Deck

IMG_1075 I finally have finished my baby! I call it that because I have put so much time and thought into this board. This is the first (and only) deck I have made by hand; I learned in a skate deck shaping class at my school last year, and this was the result! It then took me a while, but many sketches later I came up with a design. I talk about the design process a bit in the video below, that also gives you some good shots of the art and details. Please check it out, it's a more personal discussion about the art, which I am excited to continue doing in the future!






Thanks so much for checking out my work! Custom boards are available on my Etsy shop, and to see any of my past art, check out this page.

ART_Godzilla Kitten Skate Deck

cat deck edit I'm back with another skateboard deck! This was a commissioned piece I finished up this weekend for a client through my Etsy store. This was a fun request, she asked for her kitten (who is pretty crazy apparently) to be depicted as a Godzilla-type character attacking a city. I went for a pretty cartoony style, outlining everything in black. To give an extra bit of a comic book feel, I incorporated the "RAWR" speech bubble to finish off the board. I sent this out yesterday and I had a lot fun with it!



If you're interested in a custom board, you can check out all of my past decks here and purchase through my Etsy store here.

Thanks so much for checking out my work, and I'll see you tomorrow for an outfit post! x

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