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Lately I have been wanting some new photos for my blog + business cards that better define myself + my style. Well, I LOVE how these turned out! Combining my love of fashion blogging and skateboard art has been an absolute dream, and these photos reflect both of my passions! Of course, I had to turn it into an outfit post for you guys as well ;) Details are down below! 


Motorhead tee: Goodwill [similar style] | Vest: Target | Jeans: Monki | Shoes: Vans Girls | Skateboard: Studio Skate 

Thank you thank you for coming to Punkrockparti, reading my posts, and having fun with me every day! Blogging is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and it means the world that you are here with me! Love you all!

Photos by Jake Bouchard

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.56.59 PM.png

Skate Style


When you own a skateboard brand and are off to the first day at your new studio, you better wear some of your favorite skate gear! Knowing that I'd be moving + painting all day, I reached for some casual pieces like my favorite tee from my friends at Parfa Crew. I'm not usually one to be match-matchy, but after choosing the orange top, I couldn't help but throw on my coordinating Vans and go! I was out the door, moved everything into my new space, and worked on a couple of decks for the rest of the afternoon...heaven. 


Today I'm off to catch up with some friends before work, and then to the studio to hopefully get another deck finished and get it up on the web shop before the weekend! My weekend starts tomorrow because I'm off to California in the morning for a road trip, so tonight I have to pack! I'm planning on bringing a bunch of florals, kimonos, and maybe even a sweater?! What do you guys think? See you tomorrow!    x, Paige

Logo tee // Parfa Crew c/o

Lace Cutoffs // Urban Outfitters [similar]

Checkered slip-ons // Vans

Backpack // TimBuk2 

Photos by Jake Bouchard