ART_Bone Paintings + New Art for Sale!

DSC_0963 I just finished this whimsical little bone series last night and I am so happy with how it turned out! When I found these small canvases, I was inspired to do some quick and fun little paintings on them and this is what I came up with.

These paintings are now available for individual sale on my Etsy shop so check that out if you are interested!


Bone Heart


Skeleton Legs


Triple Skull


Ribcage and Skull

I have also added another item to my shop--this ribcage deck that I wrote about a while back. It was on display for a competition for the past few months, but I am now selling it as well.

You can check out the listing on my shop here or check out this post to see more images of the deck.

DSC_1280 copy 2

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OOTD_77: "The Downfall of Us All"

DSC_0678 the iridescent trend is in full swing from shoes to jewelry, but my favorite pieces have to be clutches. they give your outfit a bold pop of color, that is extra shiny as well. this is why i was so excited when my friend Courtney got me this H&M clutch for Christmas recently! i love what it adds to my outfit.

the track for today's outfit is "The Downfall of Us All" by A Day to Remember. this band has helped me power through my homework the past few days, and always for that matter. listen along here while you view!









although its a bit bold, i decided to incorporate other green pieces in my wardrobe for this look as well. i pulled out two of my favorite DIY pieces, my plaid studded blazer and my Unif-inspired tee. finally, i edged up the look even more with my Creepers and spiked bracelet. let's be honest...i think this might be my favorite outfit to date!

plaid studded blazer_Goodwill DIY, see my tutorial here unif inspired tee_DIY, see my tutorial here cutoff shorts_vintage Levi's, eBay creepers_Amazon, similar available here iridescent clutch_H&M, gift from Courtney spike bracelet_So Good, New Orleans. similar available here

DIY_Men's Denim Vest and Lookbook

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing a new DIY/thrift project with you. Although this was a men's jacket, you can really make it for anyone you'd like. Also, this project is really customizable, you can add any patches or painted design that you'd like! Let's get started, shall we?

1_Find your jacket. When I first saw this jacket at the Goodwill, I was disappointed that it had an embroidered logo on the front and back. But then I realized that this was just more of an opportunity to do something fun. I was lucky to pick this one up for $5. 2_On the back of the jacket, measure the area you need in order to completely cover the design. Mine was about 10 by 15 inches. 3_Trace out your measurements with a ruler and a white colored pencil onto your fabric. I used a black tee that I picked up at the Goodwill for $1.50. 4_Cut out the fabric and make sure you're happy with the size of it.

5_Next, sketch out your image on some paper. Laying the paper over the jacket will help give you a good idea of what size to make the drawing. 6_Cut the stencil out with an X-acto knife to create a stencil. 7_Lay the stencil over your fabric and trace the design with your while pencil. 8_Paint in your design with fabric paint. 9_While you're waiting for the paint to dry, cut the sleeves off of your jacket. Start by cutting along the seam where the sleeve meets the jacket. Then, remove more to give you the best fit for your vest. 10_Go over the design with a second coat of fabric paint to give it a finished look. Finally, pin the black fabric to the vest and stitch on either by hand or sewing machine. I chose to sew it by hand to make sure the fabric stayed straight on the vest. Finally, I attached a patch to the front of the vest to cover the other logo.

And here's the finished product! I made it for my friend Jake, and he liked it enough that he agreed (aka i begged him) to do a lookbook. Thanks Jake ^_^