Urban Journaling // Mental Mapping

intro Happy friday everyone! Today I am sharing another look into my "urban journal" with you. You may remember the first entry from last week, and this one is even more fun! While this is a class I am taking at school, I have also been getting better at journaling + diagramming on my own and find that it helps me get to know København and the surrounding cities so much more. For now, let's talk about mental mapping!


Here is a full look at my journal spread from the day. I know there's a lot going on, but don't get overwhelmed just yet! On this day, we headed out of the class room to a popular street known as Købmagergade. After observation, we were to sketch based on what we could derive from our sight and physical surroundings.


Here is a closer look at the plan, located in the center of the 2 page sketchbook spread. In the middle, you can spot Rundetaarn, meaning round tower, located in central Københaven. Beginning at street level, we were to walk around the base of the tower + surrounding buildings to begin to understand the spaces.

Another part of this exploration was to analyze how the space was working. In the sketch, I have used symbols of my choice to represent parked bikes, trees, and nodes. Confused about what a node is? Well, this activity was inspired by urban planner Kevin Lynch. He believed in mapping places with notes on their pedestrian flow, landmarks, edges, nodes, etc. A node can be thought of as a hub. An active place perhaps used by a lot of people or the location of something occurring.


At the top this historical structure [it was built during Christian IV's reign] there is an amazing 360 degree view of the city from which you can point out all of the major landmarks. Without working in too much detail, I began drawing the skyline to work out it's general shape.


As you can see, the skyline works around the entire page. My goal was to depict that this view is from the round tower, which is why I used the dashed line in the middle of the page to show which direction you get this view from.

I was quite happy with how these drawings and layout turned out. After a few weeks of refreshing my sketching skills [we sketched a ton on our trip in Aarhus] it was on this day that I felt like I was pretty satisfied with my drawing style.

What have you sketched lately? I'd love to know! I think it helps you get such a good understanding of your surroundings. x. Paige

P.S. I am going to Malmö, Sweden for the day tomorrow with a group of friends! Hopefully I will get a chance to get a little sketching in. Keep up with me throughout the day on Instagram @punkrockparti and hopefully I will have an outfit post up tomorrow from the trip! xx. Paige

ART_Custom Helix Pick Guard

IMG_1251 I get so excited whenever I get a commission for a new pick guard because they are so small that I can do them quickly, yet I still get to challenge myself with the placement of images and text on such an odd shape. This request was from a guitar-playing biologist, that wanted a gold guard with outline, his initials, and an (accurate) DNA helix. He gave me freedom with choosing the script for his initials, and I decided to use the Gibson guitar font because that's what model this guard will get screwed onto. I am excited to have done another guard and like the eye catching look of this one!

Also check out the video at the bottom of this post to watch the sketching and painting process of this piece!




[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRAq-44Wfsg&w=560&h=315]

Thanks for checking out my work! Please check out my Etsy shop if you're interested in a custom guard!