Why I Love Scrapbooking with a Smashbook

If you needed further confirmation that I'm basically a grandma at heart that loves to make crafts, this post is for you. Yep, scrapbooking. I love it!! 

I recently became obsessed with Project Life, but use it for big events, like the year I spent studying abroad. For the more day-to-day stuff, I am enjoying using the Smashbook by K&Company! 

And no, this post is totally not sponsored, I just really love this thing! 

I found my Smashbook at TJ Maxx of all places for about $4! It's closer to $9 at Michael's typically. Basically the Smashbook is a book pre-filled with pretty papers that are all coordinated to a certain theme. I later realized I bought the wedding themed album...oops. The papers are really cute, so I don't mind, there's just a bunch of lovey-dovey quotes on the pages haha. 

I love this system because its so casual and easy to document your everyday life. The book comes with a pen/gluestick all-in-one, so I just glue down my photos, write a quick caption, and I'm done. The papers are so cute that I don't even feel the need to add stickers or embellishments. But sometimes I will do that if I have some more free time!

In the digital age (there I go sounding like a grandma again) it's really easy to just leave your photos sitting on your phone or computer. I love having a place to flip through memories. It also reminds me of how much fun I have with my friends + is a good way to feel grateful (and I'm all about that life.)

The hardest part of getting your memories off your phone is printing them out. I honestly can not find the time to go to CVS and print them, so I just get them printed and mailed to my house! My new obsession is this app called Free Prints. You just select the photos, and they mail them to your house in a couple weeks. And the best part? It's totally free, and the only thing you have to pay for is the shipping! I don't even really understand how this is possible, but I'm into it. 

Bottom right photo by  Minkmade

Bottom right photo by Minkmade

I even made a page to document all colorful photos + biz cards from my business. You can really stick in anything you want :) 

I know one day when I'm actually a grandma, I'll enjoy looking back at this album and remember all of my fun memories!

I hope you guys will try out this album or be encouraged to document your life a bit! I also totally made this post to encourage myself to work on my scrapbook more, so I will share future pages once I complete them! 

Sending postive + creative vibes your way!