ART_Custom Helix Pick Guard

IMG_1251 I get so excited whenever I get a commission for a new pick guard because they are so small that I can do them quickly, yet I still get to challenge myself with the placement of images and text on such an odd shape. This request was from a guitar-playing biologist, that wanted a gold guard with outline, his initials, and an (accurate) DNA helix. He gave me freedom with choosing the script for his initials, and I decided to use the Gibson guitar font because that's what model this guard will get screwed onto. I am excited to have done another guard and like the eye catching look of this one!

Also check out the video at the bottom of this post to watch the sketching and painting process of this piece!





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ART_Collage Skateboard

This is the latest commissioned piece I did through my Etsy site for a client. This board was for her boyfriend's birthday, so it was a collage of all of his favorite things and quotes, and also their anniversary date. I enjoy doing pieces like this because it is a challenge to create a nice composition that balances all of the very different elements.

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DIY_Skull Decor

As if I don't have enough skulls in my wardrobe already, I decided I need to add some as decoration in my new space. On top of a stack of books or displayed with some accessories, they look super chic in a bedroom or living area. These can typically get expensive such as the one shown here that runs at $50.

My DIY cost me just $1 (shout out to the Dollar Store!) and I'm obsessed.

I recommend using Rustoleum's metallic gold spray paint for the project. I conveniently had some laying around, and having tried almost every metallic gold spray paint that is sold at Home Depot in the past, I would say that this is the best quality.

I picked up the plastic skull at the Dollar Store in the Halloween decoration section, and just gave it a single coat of the paint and let it dry! Probably the cheapest and fastest DIY to ever exist...and the coolest too.